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And there was no call made at the time. Scotla glue wins. Ray finishes second cal. Asaki whose race manufacturer protests after the race. They look at the video and they say yes. He did indeed go into the green paint and they swapped positions leading to the situation that we have right now. Technically this was the correct call based on the role. You go in the green. You get penalized. it's the same emoji. Gp it was the same. Like i said a moment ago maverick. Fan y'all s who just barely touched the green. But the censors got him. He got penalized some ojep- world superbike same role. Technically by the book. That's the right call. But we've talked about this multiple times before when we've seen positions decided and things like that in mo- gp and in the other series as well. This is the exact situation that ever referred to a few times in the past if there's one area if there is one rule where a judgment call is mandated because usually i like the be very black and white. Let's not leave room for interpretation that way. It's less likely that somebody like fabio quarrel or maverick vanilla gets more leeway in a situation than somebody. Who's a backmarker somebody who's not nearly as famous ryder but if there's one area where i would always say a judgment call is mandated track limits. Is it really because of situations like this. We don't want to see in the end. An entire championship decided by something that in a situation where the green actually had been grass. Very likely would made no difference at all. In the result there would have been. Maybe a brief puff up dirt and that would have been and we've seen that embraces before and we've seen the difference it makes for the rider in front ninety nine times out of one hundred none right. It doesn't hurt their drive at all. And so if there was more leeway there if race direction could look at that tape and say either yup. He exceeded truck limits in a way that gave him an advantage. That wouldn't have normally existed. So we're going to penalize the rider or they could say yes. He technically hit the green paint but in our judgment having been in the situation before being racers ourselves and using our experience we know that in our judgment it wouldn't have made a difference and then there you go one way or the other. We have an explanation. You may not agree with the explanation. But you've got a real explanation. Why the penalty either was or was not handed out and in all honesty. I think that if race direction had said you know what we've looked at this and yes. He touched the green but it would not have made a difference in this race. The kawasaki would have been fine. It would have been fine either way. They were only trying it because they knew that the rule was supposed to be enforced to the letter of the law. In fact i think kawasaki was smart the protest because that rule for better for worse in that particular situation was on their side and they wanna give their rider the best shot of winning the championship. So don't blame. Kawasaki for protesting. I don't think it's bad sportsmanship. I mean would. I have done it. Probably not but. I don't think it's bad sportsmanship on their part. I think that they're trying that hard to win yet. Another title for the ryder and so they want to do everything they can sell in the end. I just hope that the world superbike championship comes down to a greater margin. Then the difference between those two riders in that particular race because it would suck if that penalty decided the entire thing between two incredibly talented an intense riders from two generations by the way that are in the middle of just epic epic battle. I mean whoever wins in that one does not matter to me. I'm just having fun watching. Ray be challenged by somebody stepping up to that challenge and having a championship that could very easily go all the way down to the last round. But i don't want the penalty to be the decider one way or the other. I won't writer to be able to step up and race their way to a championship. And you know just like. I don't blame kawasaki for protesting us. Don't blame race direction for making the call that they did because the rule is the problem. Not the people deciding the role. The rule itself needs to be open to a little bit more interpretation. And i think if it was there would have been a different decision there. And it's probably gonna happen again might happen to motor. Gp and speaking of jonathan ray by the way a dj put up one of his weekly polls and this was a really tough poll. He asked if you would rather see on a factory backed in a patrol slash surtees slashed with you wherever they're gonna call it yamaha on a settler yamaha that factory specs and backed by the factory. Would you rather see andrea video so on that bike or jonathan ray. I know that's not easy. I tried to vote for both but it wouldn't let me click both the buttons at the same time so for me out of curiosity i had to vote for johnny ray on this one and he had a slight majority of the vote when i cast mine and for me you know. It's just because i'd be very interested to see exactly how he would do and what he would do with that opportunity. When we've already seen andre video so before because you know that right will be ultra motivated to show everybody after all those championships in everybody accusing him of being afraid to go to motor. Gp you know that he would be super super motivated to prove all those people wrong. And while i'm certainly excited to see doe v on that bike. He had nearly as much to prove because he's already done a lot right. So i would love to see ray on that bike but hey you know what they have to bikes so i say let's make it happen. Let's put the old guys team back together and have ray and andre. Co so on the petronas sr type of bike for next year W of course is gonna be the one on the amaha and just like a couple of people weren't too convinced about maverick fan. Y'all is going to affiliate how that's going to work out. Guy on two wheels isn't so sure about the idea of dove e- being on this yamaha. He's happy to be back on track but what he's nervous about is that we're going to end up. Basically seeing valentino rossi part. He didn't really say that. But i think that's what you're getting at you know with andrea struggling to finish top ten because there are so many more talented young riders on the grid than there were when.

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