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Truck insurance for over forty big years hundred saying goodbye to officer Dale woods over the weekend. The trip to his final resting spot later this morning more from seven hundred. A procession of Coleraine police and fire vehicles leave spring grove cemetery about nine this morning and heads east on spring grove avenue to Mitchell avenue, then over Clinton's springs to Dana. And to the cintas center at Xavier doors will be open to the public at eleven o'clock and the funeral for officer. Dale woods is at noon after the service a procession back to spring grove cemetery where there will be a private ceremony in the cemeteries rose garden mattress, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w you know, I do apologize. But for some strange reason, my microphone shut off at that particular point there right before that story. So I do apologize. But hey, it's back on as you can tell a delta plane skids off one of the runways at CBGB's. But Delta Airlines flight originating from Las Vegas landed safely at CV jeer on five thirty Sunday morning, but then left the pavement of the taxiway on its way to the terminal. CG officials said that all one hundred twenty six passengers on the plight were deployed and move. Into the terminal and we're able to continue their normal travel, and nobody was injured airport. Officials also said no emergency had to be declared and remained open and operational at the time. Sean Gallagher, NewsRadio seven hundred w l w holiday numbers are in from retailers and their Musso. So the news was nothing. But good right after the holidays retailer said they thought the numbers would be great awesome and way up this year. Then the numbers came out. It turns out pretty good doesn't equal gracie's, Barnes and Barnes and noble. Kohl's target all reported pretty good results when everybody was expecting great. And with only Costco, being great the rest of the stocks sold on retail expert flick part of the problem was fed chair. Jerome Powell's comments questioning the strength of the US economy. People got jittery when they found out when consumer confidence and consumer psychology is scared consumers slow spending some consumers stop spending. And the results are reflected both in retail sales being suppressed somewhat and stocks being sold off the hardest. Hit companies was Macy's which lost eighteen percent of its value. Not quite as bad as bankrupt Sears. But something to keep an eye on Sherry Preston. ABC news early morning shooting in Alabama yesterday, leaving a police officer dead another critically wounded more from ABC's, Dave Packer Birmingham. Alabama police officers coming upon what appeared to be a vehicle burglary houses.

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