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What the thing around your office that you indicate you don't belong in one get out of here with it right I got it right everybody throws me out you okay yes Joe Gunn was murdered I don't have a single clue as to who did it every bit of my problem I know a girl who sure he's going to be killed and I have the slightest clue as to who's gonna killer Ewing Caroline Jones how do you know that Carolyn Johnson the killer maybe maybe he found out Colin was a brother yeah I think of that yeah there's only one way I can think of to prove she's not the killer yeah if he turns up dead she is yeah I read in the paper is a guy named Joe garland get killed Mister then how come you got two pieces this down now yes you'll go see my old man's to Robert will Anjo garlands place they sit his down you want me to go if you would yes that's right I don't think I only shop at all if I did it would be pretty obvious I killed gel and you you're really gonna can't hear ya se Evans my fiancee she's my sister only he doesn't know that I'm her brother yeah when you gonna let an hour as soon as I have to have the third there's plenty of time I've got to get her alone the killer and somewhere where I won't leave any clue when I get her stone you when your friends take all three of them to my old man and don't try to make it I know too much about you yeah yeah you're only going to give us a telegram this down yeah that shows up with the stones gets the money if you got an alibi for the time my brother Joe was killed in case your question whom pro I was with thank you did you see anyone.

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