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Eight six six four zero five eight four five welcome to the show. Pete. What's going on with your dog or cat or going to her fish? What is it? It's a fourteen year old lots of so head of tear duck remove longtime ago, and now I'm having problems with his is getting all crusty, and and drying up any only seizes shadows these days, but. Spite of all that north right as he seems always be happy. Okay. So what what is your question? What do I do about is is getting dry all time? Okay. Are you currently doing anything for that using any problems? We were giving them drops. And they didn't seem to do much. Maybe I need a different kind of rough. Yeah. I mean, especially if he's had some chronic issues. Sometimes it's it's kinda hard because it seems like if something doesn't work sometimes the instinct is to just kind of say nothing helps, but there are a lot of other remedies out there. So if he's had dry eye or but we abbreviate as Casey s Carrio Conjunto to see it's just a wonderfully long word. So there are a lot of things that we can use. Now, some are kind of the moisturizing type drops the artificial tears variety. And then there's others that are gauge towards trying to stimulate the I do something to produce some tears to decrease inflammation. So there's a lot of different. Things in that regard. If we're not doing anything there's a lot of room for improvement. And I would encourage you to treat this aggressively because dry eyes are some very painful type problems that we have in dogs and in people I wear contacts in when I get a little bit dry. It's just it's like sandpaper on your eyes. So if you're dug as having dry glob is where we can see that the corneas just doesn't have that pretty glistened to it. And it's looking kind of dull there's definitely room to help this baby. So I would definitely look at some artificial tear products one in particular that I like here at our office is called I drop. It's a veterinary drop, but it is a very nice viscous drop that helps to stick around on the eye and to give a nice kind of coating affect that. We usually use something like four times a day for these chronic is at our dry, and then many dogs will also need something likes cyclosporine. Or tackle tacrolimus one or one of those? So if you've tried one in the past with your veterinarian see about trying the other because we do have variable response with some pass from one to the other. And you know, sometimes it's a matter of having a good bottle of a saline rinsed you pick it up at the the regular old dime store. Same failing rinse that. We would use for our is. Yes, absolutely. No, they called dime stores anymore or my showing that I'm from a different era. Not. Gal. I didn't even know why you would even think that you know. I have an old soul. I guess I said something today to my staff, and they said, oh, I said, oh, golly. And they said. Dr Debbie's pulling out the big expletives here. But yeah. So maybe I'm a little in my essays, whatever. But anyways, we're talking about I rinses, and yes, you can use regular old context. Sailing rinse for your dogs to help dislodge the book Christie stuff on these is for pets with dry in that really ought.

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