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Why do you think that is? Is it maybe a generational difference of perspective? Possibly, I think one of the things is that. I think yes, I think you've hit it on the head right there, Sean, talking about the possible generational perspectives. I think because it's not moving as fast as maybe some people like in terms of their people can access technology very quickly yet. So laguna colony. Oh, sorry, go ahead. I'm sorry. We're just going to have to take a quick break, but I'm going to let you finish that thought when we come back. Listeners, if you have a comment or question for today, please call in one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. We're speaking with members of the laguna colony of Albuquerque. I'm Sean spruce back right after the break. Mason lands community college can help you lead the way in your chosen field. At mesa lands where one in three students is Native American, you get hands on opportunities working one on one with instructors in wind energy where students go up the turbine in their first semester. Silversmithing with access to the largest foundry in the southwest, and blacksmithing in the cowboy arts. Mesa lens has a national top ten rodeo team two. Info and applications at mesa lands dot EDU. Mesa lens community college supports this program. This is Native American calling. I'm Sean spruce. There is still time to get in on our show today about the laguna colony of Albuquerque. What questions do you have for our guests? Ron, Cynthia, thelma and Jody. If you're laguna colony member listening in, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, share your story. One 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. Before we went to break, we were listening to Jody and she was talking about younger laguna people living in Albuquerque, their involvement in the colony, and she was mentioning social media and technology as having an influence in their roles. Jody, please continue your thoughts. Thank you, Sean. It's still a very fluid and organic idea of trying to figure out why there isn't younger membership. Attending as much, I think it just really fluctuates in terms of if they feel like they're going to be heard at certain times and then they're not going to be heard and not to anybody at the laguna colony has that they're not being heard. Yet, I think some of the younger generation hasn't given the laguna colony a chance, I think. So it's kind of see where things are going to unfold there. Jodie for a long time, the laguna colony of Albuquerque ran a food booth at the Indian village in the New Mexico state fair. In fact, it was known for its off the hook award winning and green chili stew. Can you talk about that? Sounds so good. I miss seeing that presence. We went to the state fair that has this past year and with the new vaccine mandate, we had to show proof, which everybody else needed to as well. And yes, there was just so many so much good food previously. And I think there is about half as much this year. And definitely miss some of the some of that good food. I want to go back to Ron Ron, you and I go back a few years and you along with all of our other guests today have had a very successful career serving Indian country. The name Ron Solomon, well-known, not only in New Mexico, but nationally as well. And I know you Cynthia thelma, Jodie, you're all very busy, professionals. You serve on a lot of boards, committees, and I'm thinking those commitments probably keep you out late and you eat a lot of cold dinners. But I'm curious, why do you make it a point to volunteer run with the laguna colony? When you have so much else going on, why is it important to you? Well, it's important because I'm sure all of us as Georgia mentioned her grandfather who was a governor out at laguna, she referenced ten a lot of us have relatives that served in our travel council and we've had the privilege I guess in honor of watching them serve, sometimes in difficult circumstances out of the problem. But as we watch their struggle, in my case, for instance, you know, my whole career was sort of like planned to go outside away from our tribal lands until I had a privilege of actually listening to both of my grandfathers and listening to their struggles on the issues that they were confronted with at the public members of the council, grandfather and my father's side, James Solomon was involved in the early years of decision making relative to the uranium mine that we had on our equipment. And then throughout the years, my other grandfather served as a staff officer or had official from his village as well. So I listened to that as I was getting in college educated and I thought maybe I should kind of take a second look at this. And then more so when I was in law school and got a chance to work directly with our travel council and was involved in council meetings. I saw and heard all the kinds of issues in matters that they were dealing with. They were challenging. So you know if you didn't have a passion in the beginning, being privy to all that, you definitely would develop a passion. And there's other subtle ways just by being around our ancestors now in our grandfathers, great grandfathers, godmothers, godfathers,.

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