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One Pick up today at your local safe way. It's 9 18 traffic and weather on the age. Let's go to Marien, the W T o P Traffic Center. Thanks, John. We're going to start out on the Virginia side a matter where we start. We've got some light volumes on a hot hot Sunday morning, but 66 riding between Rosslyn and all the way through front, Royal That is a decent trip. One thing to note in Maryland Farther west on 50 and middle, Birgit is closed for the weekend. They had scheduled work. There's a detour posted that takes you around the town. So pack a little extra time passing through Middleburg. If you choose 50 also in Vienna. We haven't event along Buell Row between 1 23 and John Marshall Drive at the Church of the Holy Comforter. No visions for farm markets. They take produce two vehicles, two vehicles. They delivered two cars, so there's traffic control. You might find some stop traffic as they say they're in peak season. Maybe a crowd this day. So be careful. 95 3 95 will ride from the 14th Street Bridge off 3 95 and all the way through Spotsylvania County. Here's what you watch for running, South bound and Stafford, passing the center for Parkway 136 at Speed Watch for the disabled vehicle reported along the left side. In the South bound ramp to go to room three and Fredericksburg lining the side of that ramp that was a disabled. We have helped a lot of cones, flashing lights and people walking so Caution as you passed there. Now on the Maryland side of things they're working on 50 through Annapolis, basically starting at row Boulevard and riding all the way to bail across the Severn River, Right Lane is closed that whole stretch not costing extra time. Currently, we will be keeping an eye on it. In Annapolis, West Street, heading westbound after Gibraltar Avenue. That's a crash watch for police direction and the new fast play games from Maryland Lottery the fastest way to win with top prizes of up the $100,000 play fast wind fast and please play safely and responsibly. Married upon the W T P traffic, not a storm team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets.

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