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He's our player. Hey, Jerry. Hello. How are you? I'm great. How are you, Harry? How are you, buddy? You're pretty good, right? There should be a lot of fun. And these are all shows that I think you guys are gonna know. So we're gonna start with you, Jerry. For the first time sounds very smart. You know that. This'll first one had a long run from 1960 to 72. Sound familiar here? No, I'm gonna go ahead, Jerry. They like the honeymooner know. How did you? I'm gonna give you a clue. I gotta guess. Sure. A lifeline. I think it's my three sons. It is my three sons. Yeah, I can picture the feet. No assist. Heard Jerry. Sister May Did you watch that so? No, I didn't like my three sons of that show. Really? What of my favorite ever saw one episode? I didn't care for that. Good one. I like this s O Must be good. Okay, Carl, I know you love this show. This was on for nine seasons from 71 to 79. Boy the way Glenn Miller sure that's all in the family. That was an easy one. Produced by your Mark. Yeah. O'Connor and Jean Stapleton won a great seriously Sally Struthers a little trap. Here's a little trivia question, Jerry. I know it. I know what you're going to ask, you know, the producers of the serious Norman Lear. The Carroll O'Connor was not his first choice. Do you know who his first choice to play Archie Bunker was? Uh, No, I do not Mickey Rooney. Making room. He said. I can't play that character. Not many people could do it the way that he turned it down. And then Carol Concert ticket. All right. Next known it was gonna be in for Jerry. Right, Jerry, This is for you. This was on from 76 to 81. I love us. No, it sounds a little bit like you mention ated. It's not. It's similar. Do you know a car? Oh, yeah, That's Charlie's Angels. So produced by Aaron Spelling and originally starred Pick Jackson there, Foster and watched in every episode of Charlie. Thank You Do What I had A poster of Farrah Fawcett in My Room is a kid. Oh, yeah, most definitely. Oh, yeah. Alright, Carl,.

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