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Seven ten W. O. are already living there is time to five o'clock we'll get back to our weather in just one let's get another look at the coronavirus the scared is going on around the country actually around the world joining us is N. B. C. radio national correspondent Mike Bauer you know here in New York we're getting bombarded by announcements from the mayor the governor about corona virus it clearly is spreading and this seems to be silent coming out of Washington what can you tell us about how the trump administration is handling this thing might well it it it seems kind of shocking but we're in a place where there it's almost in the glory until it's too late kind of a situation I may be getting to that point already Joe we we have that in Washington DC there the first confirmed case in corona virus there is well we know that there are hundreds of other cases reported around the country one of the big questions that it happened during the end of this past week was the White House and overruled health officials who wanted to recommend the elderly and spend physically fragile Americans be advised not to fly on commercial airlines because of this corona virus but it's almost seemingly the move from the White House with the administration on some level to either not talk about it not address it or in this particular case well that flight the you're getting health officials saying don't let elderly people flying today maybe a jeopardy on this and the White House saying no no we're over ruling that so it's unclear where the motivation is coming from but what is clear is the fact that things are clear and the fact that test spend and other elements of this have been underperforming and unprepared leading into what is this sort of fast moving fires at this point yeah I look you you look at what Italy's down a quarter of the nation's been shut down and nothing's happened to that extent here in the United states that it's hard to understand what what's the right move here yeah and then that I think what we've seen the other people who were a health officials heralding what happened in China and initially when everything was shut down city shut down concerts and events and shut down everything shut down initially just in order to try to contain all this we're not seeing that here you're seeing the occasional school system on leveled canceling shutting down my kids school system for instance they have a two hour delayed start today because they're going through the process of is this something we can do and how do we communicate with parents if we decide to choose to close down the school system for however long time we're thinking about doing that now and meanwhile you've got people like in France French president mark one is now it's saying the either banning public gatherings of more than a thousand people because of how widespread this is so you're looking right now to a questions on whether or not there will even if is there going to be an Olympics this year and one of the Olympic events going to look like if you indeed have them without any audience members there to watch so there's a whole bunch of questions and concerns about what's going to happen going forward here if we can't seemingly get this thing under control this seems to be spinning out of control real quickly here I mean if you went to the supermarket there's you know no toilet paper you can not find hand sanitizer anything anything that any sort of disinfectant is all off the shelves it's a and those that people have available.

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