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Oh that but it's it's really hard to get past is sometimes el just leave it at that i mean he is what he is we all know about mel gibson but his character has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and it it's just not funny it's like it's not really like funny mean like robert de niro was in meet the faulkner's because at least he has the migrant a really good example actually he had some motivation for kind of being an asshole and like at the end he kinda realized he was wrong but you never got that moment with mel gibson like hebron never owner mel gibson's character he never had a reversal of like this is the way i am and i'm going to be better yeah you kissed his son on the mouth but that was just played for laughs because you know that's the kind of movie the says there's no motivation you've just an astle to be and asked so i guess that's my biggest issue you can even in a movie like this can flesh it out the slightest bit right we mean he can do that but they did nothing and i think we only like dive into this because they made this movie pretty much about him like he he was the the turkey on the center of the thanksgiving feast for for daddy's home to like he was the driver behind everything really happened in this movie i do want to get into the ending seen i liked the ending how ridiculous it was it kinda was heartwarming in a way because you know it's christmas and they're at a movie theater in my family always went to go see a movie a christmas i think a lot of people are like that causes like the only thing open on christmas but the christmas at the movie theater was framed in this way that was almost on par with the mcdonald's seen in mackin me like an it was like an ode to going to the movie theater of some sorts where the movie theater was like this hotbed of christmas activity in there carolus inside theater which i had never seen out on christmas day in a movie theater in everyone's happy and going to see the movie and the movie they saw was actually that was one of the funny jokes i think i want look.

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