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No question, but that's not a new discussion. I remember when he came out of Wyoming, and I remember the comparisons then, and I saw that in him then so not surprised at the comparison is not surprised by his skill set and the things that he's capable of doing and the things in the style of game that he plays. Mike Tomlin. Josh Allen as the Steelers and Bills meet in the opener on Sunday. How do you feel about Mike Tomlin? Bulldog? I have old ton of respect for Mike Tomlin. I like Mike Tomlin. I suppose if he were my coach, like, you know, the coaching the team coaching the team in the city where I worked, Um yeah, it probably would be, um, you know, Be a little more nit picky about him, but I mean, he's been there a long time. They never are bad. Um, you know, there's probably stuff the fourth down, so you know all the stuff that you don't really study or or sit with when it's not your team. Um, but I I've always I've always admired. I've always admired him. I think he's I think he's I like how he sounds usually, and his team's performance sort of speaks for itself. I think he's been excellent. Yeah, that might be the exact right answer on Tomlin. I was I was hanging on every word there. Uh, like if I were on in Pittsburgh, I would be maybe needed nit picky. And I think You know that has its place. Sure, like the details are big, and I think that's exactly right. I think Tomlin is The results do speak for themselves and no losing seasons ever right, like, Not even so. He's handed Roethlisberger right like that. That's the the asterisk on that Sean McDermott. Might be a better coach than Mike Tomlin. But He doesn't have a Hall of Fame bound quarterback waiting for him when he gets there. And and Tomlin does, and he's two years or so into his job when or Roethlisberger is like three years in the league. Whatever it is when Tomlin takes over, so that's that's pretty nice luxury. The details part. I think Tomlin is probably Top five or maybe even better. Forgetting his team ready. That's not just emotion, but that's like preparation. A lot of that is maybe defensively but In terms of like game decisions. He's the worst. I mean, he's just the worst he he should have. He should have someone else do it right. Like he he really should. He should have someone else do that part of his job, But that will never happen. And it almost never happens anywhere. It will never happen here because look at his record. Well, one that's making decisions is different than having people advise you. I think we learned last year. I don't I don't know that I have the text saved anywhere. But McDermott named two guys that he leans on during games to like, help him. I don't know if it's exactly like red light yellow light green light, like Philadelphia talked about having when Doug Peterson and Frank Reich were there and they won the Super Bowl. But McDermott has conceded that he's got I assume these are analytics. And these are analysts data analysts that are helping him make decisions based on you know the data. Um and, um, so I guess I want to be surprised if almost any team doesn't at least have those people on staff at this point, How much of a conduit they are to the head coach during the games. Is, you know, something will never know. It's up to the coach to let you know, like, and I always found it. Um, I was. I was pleased that Philadelphia was his open with that information as they are. Or were and same with McDermott, although I don't know that he's ever said I'm doing whatever they tell me every time, you know, uh, well, that's right. And that's not that's. The Eagles was also that way, because that's what yellow was right. Right. Yellow was, it's up to you, coach right? And that's I. You know, I wonder how hard to sell. That's probably in that article has probably been reportedly how hard to sell. This was to Peterson. But it worked. He couldn't last. I mean, it's quarterbacks which quarterback was so bad? Yeah, like that eventually. It blew up kind of on all of them, but Yeah. I mean, Tomlin is he's a He's a star right? Like he's been there for so long. He's No, He's got a rank pretty high when it comes to winds. Now I don't have that open. I do have what I think is a fun Steelers list open and that is receiving Uh, catches actually career catches for the Steelers. This is a fun list. I'll bet you know who's first. Antonio Brown. Second, okay? Joe. Do you know who leads the Steelers all time and catches Heath Miller? Third Come on. Wow. That was a joke. Whoa! Third. That's amazing, isn't it? Yes. I mean, that is amazing. He is amazing. I mean, he was there for ever right? But still, he was never great, right? Yeah. I mean, did he ever catch 80 passes in a year? Probably. I guess if he's there six second leading receiver, right? Or what would you say It was 3rd 3rd 3rd? Yeah, um Boy who would be on top there because all the other guys like the famous guys, the Hall of Fame guys, right are in an era where you just weren't putting up huge. You know, 100 catch season was did not something that really existed for Lynn Swan or John Stallworth. So they wouldn't be at the top of this list. Is it? Hines Ward? Yes. Okay. Yeah, that was that was there. That's good. Hines Ward, Antonio Brown, Uh, Heath Miller. Wait a minute. No, I changed. That is right. Change the column. I was sorting by Hines Ward, Antonio Brown, Heath Miller, John Stallworth, Lewis Lips. Slaps nice Louis Lips makes the top for high if it catches for the Steelers. Then Lynn Swan than L B nickel. Okay, Who I don't know about that was in the fifties, like the Steelers were this awful franchise until Knoll and that those early seventies drafts. Then they became that dynasty that they were. They've almost really never quit. I mean, What is that 50 years They have almost always been good. Uh, Tom Levian Bell is eighth than Juju is ninth and then Franco Harris. That is the top 10 Tomlin, by the way, 22nd all time and winds with 1 45 to above Marv. He has more wins than marvelously. What's the number seventh? 22nd 22nd. Okay. 22nd all time and wins. Yeah, he's four behind cower. So that's all with Pittsburgh. So he's almost the writing a Steeler coach of all time. Whoa! Hold on a truck. No, no. Yeah, about that. Yeah. What's he won 93. That's the Tomlin is maybe two years away from that two good years away from that and say, three years away from that. None of those guys ever coached with any other team, right? I just sort of casually yesterday. It's funny that we we, like, ended up talking about Mike Tomlin here yesterday on the show. At some point, I and we were talking about them and him..

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