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And they all wanted to watch or listen to the game so those guys did amazing things for me led by isaiah thomas and bill laimbeer in vinnie johnson and joe dumars and all the rest you've said on numerous occasions that you believe that isaiah poundforpound one of the greatest that it was ever on a basketball court down i still feel that way julius erving said something along those lines at one point chuck daly certainly believe that and you don't win those championships without isaiah he'd be the first to tell ya he could when those championships by himself but if you're going to take anybody away from that team and make them a team that might not be capable of winning a championship it would be number eleven you had to have him on that team to win those titles but he had he had a lot of help and chuck daly once said uh when one of his confidence said you know chuck you were the guy you were the reason we won those championships chuck's at all known on hold out here said first of all you don't win without number eleven and that's isaiah and and clearly you don't want without bill mbr who did all the dirty work and took all the heat from all the fans and all the arenas all over the country and then he said that let me tell you something vinnie johnson accepting his role as an off the bench player behind to hall of fame guards as it turned out isaiah joe dumars made all the difference in the world of that team as well they were searching for a power forward for awhile finally found a great wood in rick mahorn he made a great deal of difference the two great athletes the jack mccloskey later drafts a dennis rodman and john salley made this team very hard to beat checkmated trade for james edwards and a very very difficult guy to cover gave you instant offense and a big guy who sometimes had to be effect most of the time had to be doubleteamed inside there are a number of guys i'm probably going to leave somebody out the great small forwards that we had kelly tra puka adrian dantley and mark aguire all sensational players and that was a team that uh if you really look at that group you see that.

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