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Com now if your kale B. J. radar weather watch for today along with hazy sunshine it will be humid out there with the breeze I ninety one tonight low seventy seven tomorrow some sunshine and breezy with an afternoon thunderstorm high ninety one heating up Monday partly sunny and dry to start the new week high ninety five from the weather center I'm meteorologist bill decker you don't working from home for schools you still need it John with everything we have going on right now it's never been more important we need quality sleep is a natural immune booster and only the suite number three sixty smart sensors your movements and automatically just comfort and support on both sides your sleep number setting so all those other things we do to stay healthy and happy well that work better too and now during the lowest prices of the season the queen street number three sixty C. for sport that is only twelve ninety nine reporter dollars only for a limited time to learn more go to sleep number dot com news breaks we break in news radio que LBJ this is current pro USA we always get straight talking honest answers about everything automotive from Jerry Reynolds the card Jerry ran his own dealerships for years and was a two term chairman of the Ford national dealer council he's also an excellent driver who does incredible test videos every week Kevin McCarthy is his trusty sidekick is a radio hall of Famer not a great driver when Kevin turns his navigation system on the voice says then stop and let me S. U. S. A. we.

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