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To aiming bosque show here on kvm i do want to remind you if you're just tuning in today in the five o'clock hour senator kevin meyer is going to be calling in he is a republican running for lieutenant governor in the end the primary which is august twenty first and i'll just give you the lay of the land here so many people have looked at kevin meyer as the front runner in this race i actually think the race is going to be much more competitive i think rigidly i think months ago i saw polling that showed he was like twenty five thirty points ahead but now i've heard it's dramatically shrunk so we will see we will see you know what i mean the only pull the matter since election day rick but you know this is a fascinating race to me because kevin meyer is one of those candidates that he's very likable he's had long jetty and politics he has served three terms on the anchorage assembly he's been in the state senate he's been senate president i mean he's he's liked everybody likes him you know what i mean and when he calls in we'll talk to him about his positions i think some of the biggest challenges he's going to have to he's going to have to address and i think i know he knows this is he he was a supporter of espy ninety one and i have not heard he's changed his position on that he may tell us differently today we'll ask but also he was a supporter of espy twentysix which restructured the permanent fund and you know he was in leadership when governor walker i cut the pf d and the senate refused to meet to overturn it by veto overturned that veto and so i think there's a lot of people that are going to have a lot of questions about those issues so we'll ask him about it and see what he says but from a political standpoint many people have said for years that if you have to valley candidates they'll never win.

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