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Ben Jarvis Brad Ellis Tarik Glenn back in the studio and thanks so much for spending your Saturday night with us. Fifteen minutes left in regulation. Bearcats have at twelve point lead thirty five twenty three a word of caution. If you're feeling like this one is just about over USF has three wins this year where the bulls were down by double digits in the fourth quarter and came back to win. They trailed Georgia Tech by ten and one they trailed Illinois by twelve points in the fourth quarter and what they trailed Tulsa by fourteen in the fourth quarter and came back to win. So they've been in this position before Bearcats have to drive a stake through their heart in the fourth quarter. And this one. Yeah. No doubt about it. And these guys have athletes and all it takes is one play. We've seen that already. Is. They are capable in right now. Third fourteen fifteen actually, Dan you just gotta make a play here. Give up a little bit yardage. That's fine. Make a punch. Cincinnati leads the all time series eight two seven, but the polls have won three in a row and all three of those victories had been blowouts thirty three to three last year in Tampa, forty five to twenty the last time that USF Nipper, and I don't even want to mention the score of the game before that it was kind of the beginning of the coach. Copper Bill would Cincinnati bell behind fifty one two three at the half. I play of the fourth quarter is third down and fifteen USF converted on third down and fifteen on its last scoring drive on a twenty four yard pass to Saint Felix when he should have been tackled marker exactly two by two formation for USF all a Dokan looking toward the sideline. Laps. The hands catches. The shotgun snap. Looking left has to scramble to the left now guns it into the bench area? He had to throw it away. Giral white was about to pop and the balls will punt. Yup. Commodity fits was their marquee. Marie copeland. Was there Giral white was right in his face and threw it away. No chance did a great job of getting out of there as a quarterback, but he had no place in throwing going backwards as fast as he could just fired it into the bench temperatures dipped to twenty seven degrees. I believe it was thirty one at kickoff. US with an all time record of one in five when the temperature is thirty eight degrees, or colder. Here is a low short putts. It'll be fair caught acrobatically by all the night. He misjudged the flight of the putts it as he was charging forward. He had to jump up falling over backward landed on his rear end the fair catch at the Cincinnati forty four yard line at thirty six yard putt. A little bit of acrobatics on the other end to threat trench Snyder. The punter. Dot touched and did a little flop. Thanks snyder's. An interesting story. I mentioned early in the broadcast these twenty eight years old, he's from Australia. He is a former construction worker he had his own company for eight years bricklaying framing deck building tiling decided to try his hand or foot it Pontic. Here's a hand off to Charles McLellan wedding wide left to the fifty to the forty of USF tackled from behind at the bulls. Thirty nine yard line nights. Pick up on the first play of the drive her freshman Charles McLellan. I'll tell you what. Great job to buy chase. Sean jackson. Down the field blocking and not holding. Did a great job there. Look like officials were looking at him in. I mean right on him and needed a great job of creating space fifteen yards on the run the cats have it at the thirty nine yard line of USF leading thirty five to twenty three Ritter. Fakes a handoff. He throws. He has Jackson open and Jay Sean Jackson sprint toward the sideline. For a first down because how to balance at the twenty eight after eleven yard pickup nicely done and well-blocked downfield. Also on that legally by Thomas Gaddis Cincinnati lines up quickly. Ritter catches the shotgun. Snap the ball squirted out of his hand. As he tried to throw a pass. It's recovered by. Under cold conditions. Desmond Ritter, not wearing gloves..

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