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There was nothing phony bat dat don't bother the music this time i just played at again the lab if you can't oh i was hearing music am i had grown yeah you're not hearing music wow that's that's my grandson at jameson matthew boyle with one of the great lands of all time i'm going to start using that left to do the funny segment and you will see this bully me you will see this madison bumgarner of the san francisco giants was taken out of the game last night and apparently i was not watching the giants game apparently thought he was being squeezed by home plate umpire so he's walking off the field he has been taken out of the game and he says something to be on pyre as he's bought away casually walking by there was no fire and brimstone bike when he starts giving a little lip the home played on and guess what he does he throws a man of the game it's a riot when you see i've never seen it all the years watching baseball i've never seen him pichu just been lifted who's walking to the dugout get thrown out of the game so what are they gonna do you take like baseball on the empire's are right today going to say well he's gotta be suspended the next game i don't think that'll happen but it can't be thrown annaba game that you're already out of just say it's very funny i'm sure you will see the segment kenny is on ninety four wpa kenny hey big daddy good morning okay.

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