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This is you see basketball from AMG College on 700 wlw, the home of the Bear Cats. victory for the U. C bear Cats Tonight. They went on the road at Temple 63 60 despite being short handed to put it mildly, despite going 25 days between games, and yet they're able to pull it out. Rallying late. Win the game by three. We look forward to talking to head coach John Brandon shortly. Let's recap the individual scoring beginning with Cincinnati. How about David to Julius? Tonight came to the game averaging 8.6. He scored 26. His previous career high had been 20. Back when he was a Michigan Wolverine. His previous, however, the bear Cats 16 again. 26 points for David to Julius tonight, along with four assists and three steals Keep Williams had 15 points. Jeremiah Davenport, 14 points and seven rebounds. Chris Vote three points, five boards, Mike Adams Woods had three. Mason Madsen had to rob Banks who started did not score 63. For Cincinnati for the temple Owls. Damian done led the way with 16 points. 10 coming from the free throw line, Jeremiah Williams had 13 Caleb battle had 10 points and six boards. Of Andre Perry had eight Jape Mormon had seven. Jake Forrester had six and added up to 60 for the Owls. The bear cats improved to four and seven Temple Falls. Foreign six You know what? When you go on the road, it's you know, it's Al Davis. You're gonna do a 34 30. I can't think that's night tonight on ESPN just win, baby. And that was his favorite slogan by any means necessary. Just get the victory. Get out of town. I remember several years ago, you and I weigh had just lost. I think we lost the temple several years ago. On the road, and there was no food on the bus. And you remember that thing and Boyd make lit into Darren Savino for not having food on the bus. But I tell you what That was the last time I think we've lost and you know with Temple. It's been seven in a row. Ever since that game and tonight to come in with all the situations that was going on for them to have the singular focus of just coming out with the victory. I'm very proud of this team. And we now have head coach John Brandon on the line from Philadelphia Coach. Congratulations on a remarkable win. This is a game bear cat fans are going to talk about in saver for a long time. I will start with a very simple question. How How did you win this? Well, I think it showed the character 14, you know, and I've said this before. I love the character of our team because they come back every day after tough losses. They come back every day, after all the things we've been through, so that speaks to their character and the consistency first and foremost, and the other thing is we got, we got tougher. That's all we preach to rest. It's interesting. Two weeks ago, we thought we were gonna play this temple game. It was on our skit. We talked about taking the toughest team on the plane. If you were appointed. You didn't think you were going to toughest guys on the team that we were gonna take you. And then it got canceled last second. So now listen. We play filled way playing. Fill it up. You're getting against temple. Same thing. So it's interesting that you came full circle. Same thing. Tell the team of the plane. We certainly did that. You know, our defense was tenacious in the first half, flying all around in the second half. We were able to hang on from defensive breakdowns in the second half when they didn't have our voices because for the first time all season we actually executed offensively in the last few minutes. Obviously you guys were wreck with Colvin threw out. I don't know how many had it. But you had an interesting lineup tonight. One of my favorites. I saw him last year. Rob Banks got to start tonight. Was he a part of the group? That was just healthy enough to practice all the time? Where did you see something else? That you wanted to show? You guys missed practice so that it helps when you're out there A lot of guys just a lot of practice is so you know, I knew it being mismatched group of guys and some guys playing out of position. You know, we're trying to run certain set. They were looking over because I'm not sure I know that this is what I will take that right in the middle of it. And then you know, it's like I felt totally guys all night. Listen, I want you something yourself that you're so tired, You know, Obviously I do the subs, but several guys cause I need one That's gonna come out and you go back in, and, uh, I just saw their toughness route was on display and you know, that's that's who we That's who we're gonna be who we are, and we just gotta bring it out of these guys on an everyday basis. Temple had a better free field goal percentage. Better. Three point percentage better free throw percentage, But you forced 19 turnovers. You had five blocks shots and you had nine steals. And that speaks to that effort. That toughness that you were describing. Yeah, we're flying around. You know that. You think charges solitary, but we got blocked shots at the rim. And we just, you know, really moved way. Really, really Did a good job in scouting. You know, Cook's fund did a great job scout. I thought we did a great job. Really? Personnel wise is sitting on guys right hand. It was the first time all you were really, really understood Personality. You know, when you when you're swimming upstream, sometimes the young team, the things that help you win and winning card, right are the details and we were finally in position not only for toughness to the details of the game to get to the right spot. And we got a lot to clean up. You know, we come out of the huddle. We'll work. This is strolls up with coming in. We double team the posting. The guy dies from left. So the things we got to get better, but at the same time, really proud of these guys and how they finished again. It seems like you're with the lineups you had on the floor of your team needed a boost with some some leadership out on the floor, and the Julius took it under his wing to go out and really set the tone Career high 26 points. 10 of 18 4 of 11 from downtown talk about his effort today. Clothes are standing, and I told him he needs the heart full of our team effort. He brings every day He was consistent. Anybody on our teams and everyday guy on and I knew you just shot maker now. Yeah, I've said that to the beginning, did it in Michigan, his whole things. He's never played point guard the collegiate level and he's so competitive that he wants proof. It could be the leak Queen card. He's done that second in the league. This determination almost 3 to 1 Second League assist He's shown he's one of the elite point guards in our league now feel comfortable. I expect him to continue to score. The ball really meant 26 a night, but I certainly expect Into the order scored more forced Don't you want bigger games than this? You've been part of championship teams the last four years. But is this one of your most memorable wins? All things considered, we'll do you one of the reasons number one Because I'm doing it. I'm doing my radio show us the game. I'm getting face time by my daughters right now on the hallway, so that right there just shows you exactly where we're at in terms of tea, Gus, the officials work, which I don't get a great officiated game time, some better officials but You did it. It's just different so many ways. I mean, just so you guys know we had to stay outside Philadelphia do particle. It took us an hour to get to the game. Today, we had to get to the game..

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