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Think George Simpson for editing. The show today and KENDALL Toby who. Kendall sweetest person on the planet. Anybody who doesn't think so or doesn't know that will you're just wrong, you haven't met and she's going to stick around for the Pat Walsh show. But that's not here tonight, but we have a wonderful fill-in. Yes, we do Danny Kon-ri. Good evening. Both the kitty and Michael. How are you this fine Friday night? And I wanted to hit you both with the question. If you don't mind. Okay, was the Monterey concert was that the one with the where the it was the stones and the Hells Angels did did secure note that was also tomorrow in nineteen sixty nine that actually came after Woodstock. Okay, so Monterey doesn't get moderate does not get a bad rap at all. In fact, Monterey as I as I said, the kitty amplify on that a little bit Monterey really shifted. The whole thing from a very pop oriented. You know, the world listen to three minutes. Singles on top forty radio Monterey was where everybody said. Oh, wow. You know we can expand we can stretch and that was where the whole album rock. Easy, and am records which was Sergio Mendez and herb Alpert and everything else. Jerry Moskvy records was at Monterey and he went back to Ali would and said, we need to start signing rock acts now. When he signed Joe cocker and all those people. Yeah, yeah. I saw her Albert with may not Ferguson. I don't play when it was just an awesome show in the, you know, the highest triple season, the business. Yeah. And, and herb is just one of the world's nicest, most decent human beings to so see I, I didn't get to meet him. Like I got to I got to meet him when I was seventeen years old. Why do not want to eat into your show, but I had a friend at AM record all invited me down, and we're we're walking around, and I'm just, you know, this kid from Bishop, California, who's two years into his radio career and, you know, the got me parked in Karen, carpenter's parking space and I'm walking through the building. All polo Williams's, sitting at a piano, rehearsing Cheech, and Sean, or sitting on a sofa tossing lines back and forth at each other. I'm just, you know, my mouth is drumming open for walking down the hallway outside the studio area, and it's lit the walkway by spotlights every few feet and along. Tortoise this coming this guy wearing sweats and a beach hat. And she says, oh, well, here comes Herbie. And I think Herbie's an engineer until the light hits them. And she says Herbie my friend, Mike Haggerty. And I'm like herb Alpert. Wow. All right. I'm gonna wind up. Well, maybe not I got to meet buddy rich does a young cop Manhattan, that's a serious drummer. I'm in midtown Manhattan amount of detail and a big bus pulls up because buddy didn't fly a lot and his whole band. The bus thing and upstanding, I'm like, oh, my God. It's richest bus that'll be young guy. But buddy rich was my he was my guy when, when I was like, eleven I knew who buddy rich wasn't. It was. He was on TV you know, the book on variety shows you how does he do that? Yeah Carson had him a lot and he taught Carson had a drum by the way. So I knock on the buddy rich door and it opens up and a waft of smoke comes out of this bus, like I'm, I'm in uniform, by the way, I asked, what kind of smoke? Yeah, it was. It was. There was reading was it? What's that I disease treated for? Glaucoma lock. Everybody had glaucoma on the bus and I stepped on the bus. I'm like, here's a drummer, I'm not a cop. They like, okay, so I walked to the back of the bus and in the rear of the bus, this is just before he died like eighty eight nine thereabouts and I walked in the back of the bus, and there is buddy, rich number one had the biggest teeth you've ever seen on there were a mess and, and he gives and he's got sticks and pads over the back. And he says, well, show me what you got cat. Now, buddy rich is a Brooklyn guy, and he's a former marine, and so I pick up the sticks and I do roll, buddy Rix, at the Dan counry. You got a nice role cat. I'm gonna go die now and I'm going to suck up some of this kind of medicine. I got a report is a line of duty injury. When I get off the bus, but I still rather go see kitty, sing I miss. I haven't seen. Oh, you're so sweet tomorrow. The out of town center at El Dorado relatives out there right now. The UC Davis graduation. And so you know what I can get on a fast plane. I'll be out there. I'll come see. Oh, that's right. You're not here. I'm going to galaxy far far away. That's why didn't get off the bus fast. Tomorrow afternoon. Okay. That's, that's Michael, I'll get out of the way. Now, thanks so much. We got a lot coming up on the show when we didn't talk about it. But who cares? It's a Friday night. We'll get it all out. But a lot of news this week, and we'll get to the fourth with Danny, great chatting with you. We miss you have a great weekend. Yes. Have a great show before we let you go couple of polls. We had today about the California felon, should they be allowed to serve on jury duty. There's a new Bill that would allow it. It's SP..

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