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Now frustrated with the a starkly low interest you're earning in the bank then you need to learn about modified endowment contracts call Steve traction Burgum said well thanks for your free report five six one seven five seven zero seven thirty one that's five six one seven five seven zero seven thirty one mobile Mike here we're all experiencing very difficult times right now and for that reason I teamed up with Florida mental health coalition a registered nonprofit to provide essential services to seniors go to stop coronavirus today dot com donate ten dollars to get a cool bracelet please donate today as you and our community deal with a new way of life working from home and social distancing in the continuing question of when will things get back to normal you know that one of the things you might be worried about is paying your bills we're here to help and would like to re direct your mind to a state of positivity we've got to twelve chances every day for you to text in and win one thousand dollars we hope you and your family stay safe keep your phone charged in your radio on for the latest on what's happening we will be here with everything you need to know and another chance to get your bills paid coming up on I heart radio well there's the dump the knees trump and the race is wide open as the twenty twenty presidential race you all the news insight and analysis the political circus newsradio six ten W. Y. O. D. well that's a marvelous nine dancing with the stars the man is nine man's need all the leaves on the trees the reason that yeah please don't call during the yet all the now to get all the instead she what yeah from somewhere out there this is coast to coast AM with George Noory and we'll be back with ori gallery.

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