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Working all week. Not a 5 on my money. Son of a guns I know you lie with the honey rolling down the street. I thought a girl and she was pumping. I wake my eyes got into the ride went to a club where the south bank introduced myself close that you're a liar. I said I got it going on baby doll. And I'm a rewire. Just did a whole show. She said you're the king. I shall be my Queen if you know what I mean. Let's do the wildlife. Wow. Shopping at the mall. Looking for some gear to buy. I saw this girl rock my world and I had to adjust my fly. She looked at me as smart as that year plans for the nights. I said, hopefully it thinks go well I'll be with you tonight. So we turned into a house. One thing led to another. I can't adore I go hit the floor I looked up and it was a mother. I just know what to say. I was hanging by a string. She said, hey you two, I was once like you and I like to do the wild thing. She loved to do that. Wow. Hey, baby that's a baby. Talk to your face. Hanging out is always hyped and with me and the crew leave a sense yeah I would have dealt with just my type. Saw this message little frame I ain't lying fellas it was fine this way young miss Cole gave me a kiss and I knew that she was mine. Took her to the limousine and still parked outside. I took the show but when it was over I gave her my whole ride didn't get her off my Jack straight. I liked that and cling, but that's what happens when body start slapping from doing a wild night. Say more than us wow thank you. Wow. You want a little show at the logo disco check. This via trip was on my dice so I said it wasn't hanging. She wasn't come on stage and do a little dance plus it's your final hours maybe later. You'll get your chance. Don't wait to show us finish. I took her around the way and what do you know she was good to go without a word to say. We was all alone and she said tone and let me tell you one thing. I need $50 to make you holler I get paid you smile. Say what? We all love you once again. You don't walk away. This is a bad guy to you. I still face that baby. Wow. Wow. Trying to hold your hand. I know how to party for you to be satisfied. In the city. Now let me welcome everybody to the wild wild west a safe that's the touchable like Elliott nest the track it should be a draw I'm like a spunky a chest like a vest for you Jimmy in the city of sex. We in that sunshine state for the farmers ten feet the state where you never find a dance floor empty and juice be on a mission for them friends leave me money making machines certain things I've been in the game for ten years thinking back to them ever since honeys was wearing fast soon now it's 90 5 and they clocked me and watched me diamonds shining looking like a rob liver got you it's all good from Diego to the bay your city is the bomb if your city making fame four my finger can feel the same way straight for the town but California.

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