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This thing but no mark lawyers themed elliott gould and linda laven star challenge daughter marcy is thing bomb what you get the first one now it's my turn jkl series new cbs monday october second largest her on our route sixty six fifty seven 60s playlist we have schedule elvis will have brandolini we'll have johnny mathis to your home lewis 25 jay z k hd three goal was cbs news secondly and even your protests around saint louis having gone mostly without rubble that following a friday court ruling absolving a former white st wars police officer in the shooting death of a black suspect in 2011 numerous entertainment events and concerts were cancelled in st louis saturday night as police were reported on able to guarantee normal security in the face of protests israeli governor and eric greatness and people who are out there protesting with dignity and discipline they also shouldn't have their protest erupted by people who are coming in to be violent or george john friday found exofficer jason stock ways use use of deadly force to be justifiable selfdefense he spoke afterwards with the st louis postdispatch and discussed the deadly incident six years ago this is a completely reactionary event if he takes off a car we fall he turns left we turn left and unfortunately reacting in in those few seconds you have you have to make decisions based on limited and information and limited time several different groups of demonstrators converged on the washington d c mall two of them with different political messages one black lives matter the other protrump they were close smart got along okay yet another demonstration involved more than a thousand fans of the band insane clown policy rallying to protest the fbi ice classification of them as a gang and it richmond virginia there was another protest of calls to remove a confederate statue and a counterprotest to in the lower key southwest of the florida mainland route one we'll be reopened all the wait a key west to residents and necessary contractors in the morning following those recent major storms here there is new discussion of possible climate change and the possible roles of people and nations and.

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