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There's always a lot of guys who bow out through the injuries, especially with the Sunday starter role. Guys start Sunday's Don't piss Mills again, so It's not abnormal to see a large scale group of replacements put in place at the same time, though I mean, the guys who reflect in the first place are the best. You know. We all want to see Jacob deGrom play and Mookie that's clay. The fact that they're not going to participate is certainly disappointing, and you know, ultimately ultimately makes for a less exciting All Star game. But same time, Shohei Otani, you still have climate grow Junior. There's a lot of tremendous talent the game. But there's no question you certainly would prefer to see as like the Graham and better than some of the replacements. All right. Maybe I'm being a little cynical here. But sorry about that. I'm gonna put it out there anyway. Um, four Astros were selected to the All Star game and I know at least one of them is very legitimately hurt. Uh, the others have other explanations. Why they're not playing. But all four decided to take a pass. And the first thing that came to my mind was yes. This is a national showcase. And the Astros haven't been on the national showcase all that much since they all got caught cheating. Um you don't really think that anything to do with all the decision not to play in the all Star game, do you? Well, Ryan Presley's on paternity leave and as someone who just had a baby or my wife had a baby. I understand wanting to be there for potentially your child over the all programs, so I think that one's legitimate but Yeah, No, it definitely raised some eyebrows. I I don't know how much of it is going to avoid the spotlight as much as kind of taking time to nurse them some very minor injuries and normally would otherwise play through. A lot of players do that. I don't think it's Very fair to the fans. We want to come see the best players the game has to offer. Um, so I think the criticism is more than that, that I'm of the opinion. If you can play a regular season game, you should be able to plan all Star game just because as much as it's an exhibition This is a place for baseball to showcase its best and brightest talents. The fans pay a lot of money. These all start. Tickets are not cheap hotels, restaurants are not cheap in the cities. I do think the players owe it to the fans to come out and at least show up, speaking of, uh, being a showcase was pretty critical when the import came down last week. That both of the juniors um Black, Guerrero Jr and Fernando Tatis Jr to the more exciting young players in baseball decided to pass on the home run Derby. If only for their own brand. I think it would be a good idea to participate. They both decided to say thank, you know, did they do an injustice to baseball? Aren't they supposed to be at represent? For the game. And the All Star Game is one thing. But the home run Derby is another. If you can participate in boats, I would think you would want to do that for yourself. And for the game. I didn't like it. How about you? Patties. I understand because he's had repeated shoulder issues throughout the season and just taking that many swings over and over and over again. There is a risk of aggravation there, so I'm okay with him. Passing on the home run Derby. But so participant the All Star game where it was good two or three at bats. Not the same level of strain on that shoulder. Blade. Magro Junior. Yeah, he should participate. He's one of the Best and brightest young stars in the sport. He's healthy by all accounts he put on a show in 2019. There's definitely a case he made that. Yeah, he should participate Just because again. If you're elected or asked to do and you're one of the most prolific home run hitters in Major league baseball, you know, I do believe they owe it to the fans come out and perform and just playing. All right, let's turn it back to the big leagues the second half of the season. Everybody's going to finish up tomorrow. Take the downtime whoever you all Star game, then they come back and try and sprint to the finish line. We've still got a couple of solid two plus weeks left before the trade deadline, which give me about 10 to 12 games to analyze your team seems see where you're at checking the standings, checking the teams that are in the position that they're in. If there's not any massive changes, a team winning 10 or 11 out of 12 or losing 10 or 11 out of 12. How busy will the trade deadline be? Do we have a lot of sellers and buyers? Or is this going to turn out to be too many teams waiting to see the last minute and then not being able to work something out? It'll be a busy trade deadline. There's enough teams that are looking to arm up and load up for a postseason run. You look at the three teams atop the NL West you've got, you know a lot of teams still in the race in the NL East. The a lease the Yankees and Blue Jays of the 3rd and 4th place teams. I don't necessarily see them punting on even the Blue Jays for sure they've already been adding they want to continue, adding. So you're going to have enough teams trying to get to the postseason and really potentially arm up a little bit for when they do get to the postseason. I think we'll see a busy trade deadline even if Things come down to the wire a little bit. We will see some big trades and some big names move just as we do every year. Your lips to God's ears. Keep it exciting and interesting for all those fans. Alright, last thing As a writer. You will certainly have an opinion on this. What has been the best story or narrative in the first half of the Major League baseball season? Well, it's continue. Will it change? Will it fall apart? What's the best story? And how does it play out from here? Easy Show Otani. We are witnessing something that we have never witnessed before. In terms of this Sheer amount of talent. The two way exploits. I mean, Major League Baseball has not seen this in its history. Not Babe Ruth. No one has done what show Otani has done in this game long history. It is truly remarkable. Game in and game out what he's doing. He is the best story in baseball right now. He's been the best player in baseball, and the big question is, you know, does it continue? We all have to hope so. Obviously he has a pretty long injury track record, and there's a lot of physical strain put on the body pitching and hitting. He's held up well, so far, we just have the hope It continues. Because if it does, I mean We're talking about a guy who is very much in range of clearing 50 plus home runs while oh, by the way, having an IRA around three taking the ball fairly regularly. We have never seen this before. It is truly remarkable. No one should take it for granted. Then I think Tuesday night will be the show. Hey, show. So what's into their enjoyed Kyle? We enjoyed talking to you Appreciate it much. We'll get back on again. Down the road. Thanks for tonight. Sounds good. Thanks for having me. Kyle Glaser. Baseball America National columnist. Your design CBS Sports Trading Alright, coming back would talk. Plenty of baseball gets them Continue. Baseball conversation in the NBA keeps rolling again on my telephone lines 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. Saturday night, get together with the Mac man here on CBS Sports Radio. At Lucky California We believe everyone should be able to get the finest freshest ingredients at fantastic prices because the freshest food inspires creativity.

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