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Newsradio kale BJ thanks for being with us on this Friday morning sorry the phones are still not functional but we are working on it you can give us a tax by one two eight three six zero five nine again try to communicate telepathic Lee and we'll see what happens we'll let you know if if we receive anything at all once you can you can you handle that part of the show for a telepathic aspects of yeah yeah I can bend spoons without touching them so thank you I can answer that I think I can handle that boy too bad we're on radio was while listeners like to see that are you know what you member Yuri Geller you member that name now he he was guide that back in the seventies that was he was on course in a lot and and other you know he was making the rounds and remember Kreskin well this with the hours I mean that you're a killer was supposed to be the real deal all been been spoons with just a he was on my dad's radio show and I saw no I I saw him band a key that how he did this I cannot tell you but he I saw him bend a key or what am I in fact it was our house key by taking the key and he was merely rubbing it with his fingers now how that had any I I I swear you were right there I was right there and it was our house key and he'd been bent this thing by just rubbing it he bent a spoon by just rubbing it course or no it when the spirit no he broke the spoon in half by just rubbing it and those were the days those were the days radio right I don't remember what else we did some other things as well they tried to do some things with his mind I don't know if that that worked or not but he was pretty controversial but I some do some things that I can't explain it was that when the show was that was there in your living room with your kids and the that now this was down at one it was it part of the KTBC okay television of student building down there I was so I told you this many time sure no thanks okay B. C. radio yeah I was I was so honored to have known your dad and spent time with them we used to about this time of year in years past we do Christmas with cactus rewarding right and and that was to basically would bring the celebrities and and and they would share some Christmas stories with your dad yeah and what was amazing to me as I was and I'm talkin governor Ann Richards and coach Mack brown and you know just go right down the line pick pick any celebrity in town and all I had to do governor Perry I call month and I'd say cactus will like to do an interview and I just say what time you want me to be there and then yeah using yeah your dad had that connection was so many people one of the great stories I went for lunch with your dad when he told me about the old days and radio when he was down in Houston uhhuh as was the work of this for you came to Austin this is this is this is before I was yeah way back and and the format of the radio station was polka music yeah in this course you're just been and records right does that work yeah and he said the record sells polka songs were only about two minutes long so when nature called Hey that was a challenge there was a chair to get creative you couldn't put on stairway to heaven or something and say we'll be right back no for a lot of reasons you can put that on and I said so what you do I would not number one by the way it was you know he said he improvised with the trash can well you know there is yeah it was probably one of my finest hours in regards to a lot of all my god what a radio people that have similar stories but yeah it was fun to know your dad well you know a little bit more about him right more you wanted to know right now yeah I'm not I saw you when you came in this morning you had a coke I believe diet coke diet showers yeah because it's it's my coffee I'm not a coffee drinker to get you started yeah I have cities auditoria Pepsi's launching a new coffee infused Cola Pepsi cafe it's going to come and vanilla flavor and it's gonna have twice as much caffeine as the regular soda if you want that extra care there you go that'll do well I would think so that's what I have no interest in any in any softer can this not just chock full of caffeine I have no interested it means nothing they say the VP of marketing for Pepsi says Cole is been a pretty stagnant category over the last twenty to thirty years and and Pepsi needs to evolve well laid back she always has to be trying to you know next thing they'll have a Nacho cheese flavors that always wins have you put Nacho cheese flavoring in it you got yourself a winner no matter what it is you're a favorite foods may soon come with activity labels over in the UK you heard about this the Royal Society for public health in the UK is gonna have this information on the label for example a chocolate bar.

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