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Been Dante Vincenzo might not be ready for the start of the season. He's injured. A confident that the bucks did enough in support of their big three now Middleton, Giannis, drew. In order to be a better team, they clearly figured something out last postseason. I think the could get back to being more of an elite regular season team like they had been in years past, but I'm curious rob like, I don't know. Are we confident in the, I don't know, the Rodney hoods of the world, the grace and Allen that that is enough to make up the difference. Not totally. I think they have some work to do in terms of just kind of shaping their rotation. If you remember, this is a team that needed like occasional big performances from guys like Bryn Forbes. Like needed him to come in and hit a bunch of shots. Can grace and Allen be that kind of player? I think there's some precedent for that, but in huge games, it's just a totally different level of pressure. They're going to need to kind of be on the lookout for ways they can punch up the rotation, like they did with PJ Tucker last season, seizing on those kinds of opportunities. So they're obviously going to miss PJ. They're going to miss what he brings defensively. But this is a team that I think not only with that acquisition, but historically, has been pretty creative in terms of like, let's just find a way to get a random rotation player in the middle of the season. Let's package a bunch of second round picks. Let's work the waivers in these particular ways. They found ways to find guys. So right now, I think they are short, probably a player, maybe two, depending on if some of these guys are reliable or not is Rodney hood going to be healthy or not is a big variable for them. But I think they can figure it out, which is the important thing. Yeah, and the issue is obviously Tucker, not being there is definitely a whole, especially on the defensive end. I'm just worried that considering the amount of resources they've poured into getting drew holiday and even getting Tucker back in their at the deadline last year, how do they even get that guy? You really need even chenzhou to just be healthy and to be the type of young guy with upside who could fill that little void there because I don't know, they don't step in rurals preventing them to trade their pick for a while. I don't know if they have. I think they only have like a couple seconds they could trade. It's going to be very, very difficult. Maybe they get the ring chasers, maybe they get the next Marvin Williams on the buyout market, but they're going to have competition for that. The Lakers probably going to be front and center of that race just like they were last year. So we'll see what happens. But the Lakers is a good time to pivot to them because they're number two on our list, obviously. I also think the question there is depth because obviously there's going to be fit concerns with west brook and AD and LeBron just considering what Westbrook does. But like we talked a lot about how it did so well in the buyout market. You got all these wings. All of a sudden the preseason one, they're dropping like flies. And two, like, I don't know if I was all that convinced that they had enough three, Andy guys to begin with and mellow is starting games, white Ellington, all of a sudden is like the second coming of three point shooter, I don't know, John Paxton, whoever you want to put in that role, I don't know. It's looking a little shakier than even I think the most skeptical people would have had in this off season was where are you on your Lakers odometer because I do think you were one person who maybe was higher than in my remembering correctly based on what they did on the fringes. So I was, well, on the fringes, I think they did what they had to do in the sense that they had a mandate to get shooting around a team that has Russell Westbrook on it and who's going to figure prominently on the team. And they got to shooting. What they don't have is perimeter to defense and they're going to have to cobble that together between switchable AD LeBron actually trying. Westbrook actually doing it. They're going to have to figure that part out of it. And I think it's possible. And I remember when I made the one 80 on the Lakers 'cause I was like super down on a Westbrook thing. And I just had the epiphany. I was like, look, you know, and rob made fun of me for this, but I was like, look like, why can't rush Westbrook be just as good as rondo and Dennis Schroeder in their roles that they played for the Lakers the last two seasons? And rob, I think the quote was, well, why can't you fill up a teacup with a garden hose or something like that? Like, yes, you can do it. It can do the job, but that's not what it's made for. And, you know, I think a lot of times oftentimes in life, if I could give philosophical for a second, the question we're asking ourselves is can people change? Can people change? Can people change and call me romantic, call me a sucker, call me an idiot? I think Westbrook has the ability to change. I was not expecting this. With LeBron James the four time NBA champion probably the second greatest player who's ever dribbled the basketball. I believe in Westbrook's ability to change. Let's just clip that in ship it because I think you just did the outro for Russ new documentary right there. Yeah,.

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