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I forget what state it's in. But he he was driving with. I don't know how they knew each other. But the driver want stop singing Christmas carols. So just choke them out on the side of the road getting choked out to call nine one one. And by the way, I I'm. Drank listerine. Oh. Going to spit it. You're gonna get up and walk over there. That's a crazy move. I think you're going to drink something. Thank you. Kidding? There is no way you were going to you. Swallow show. You were going to slow slow it just swallow. You're going to. You go to small there's no rain listerine, and then walk to the ballot worry about what could be a line of this place. Could be. What guy? Swallowed move. You were all you drink three. Yeah. You did a little buzzer on at work. That's the number one. Drunk. The pink kind the purple shit. What a weird number four. Craziest thing. He was one hundred second drink that. Kevin sit. One hundred. Four line weird. Even Vargas just listerine and in the in the middle of the dead dusk weirdo. Always bring someone. You know? Everyone knows the guy who brings a toothbrush to work. Yeah. James Dolan car cabinet. So the Knicks lose again in some buddies sell the team James Dolan banned him from the facility. You want to come to anymore games? That's rude. It's not taken and joy. If what? Of head all cabinet all the cabinet all in for Kevin. James Dolan in a weird way. I know Kevin you hate him because he ruins James. But at least there is some solace. And having an owner that you know, you can get to that you that you can get under his skins. Like, he's all the Rangers saying, they're not allowed to interact with us. Yeah. We did the fire Dolan shirts. He is the most thin skin like billionaire of all team writes letters like fame on a turn one into a fan saying, I think you're not Golok. You're you're probably depressed, you're horrible person single fan than he I don't know. I mean, I hate his guts, he's he's literally the worst owner in sports. But he is so committed to being this asshole. I almost hit my ultimate villain. He's he runs the Knicks. Like, he's a king. Yeah. Right. You're gone emperor. Yeah. Even chop people's heads off. Right. I mean, what's the thing? Where you go teasing. The stock. Yes, put them out. There was gonna sit rather on seventh avenue anyone fucking tomatoes at anything bad about the Knicks. I love it. I actually kinda liked the rundown is brought to you by points..

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