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With the rays of the wild card game tomorrow night the team is facing an unexpected fight with the city of Oakland in court for more KCBS in chronicle inside a filled Mateer stopped by to chat with Sam bunk stand **** it's usually Taylor this city is suing over plans to sell the Coliseum site half of it and and this is you know classic Oakland what we have here is a situation the Oakland a shoe for as long as anybody can remember I've been looking to build a new ballpark somewhere in the East Bay they've looked everywhere from Fremont to the port of Oakland and that's where the latest look is and they're trying to pull up a plan on that was part of that deal they say we also want to buy this counties portion of the land at the Coliseum site some people say why do you need that they said well we need that as part of a development deal because it is part of our deal at Howard terminal were supposed to pay for it that's going to take some money so we need to make money over here to pay for it over there plus there was also some insurance there if the Howard terminal site fell apart that he would have a share in the Coliseum site and say okay if we're going to build there we can go ahead as as a happy owners but the city or at least part of the city the city council has when you want to have that land we want the county to sell it to us and said that then you can deal with us directly about the whole piece. I mean and and these the county's going Hey wait a minute we've been talking to you for years city about you buying this land and you've never come up with the money Sir will happen if we talk to both you at the same time the city goes no we want it to come to us under a law that says any public land that becomes available should first go to affordable housing you go where the Coliseum for a baseball park fit in with that hello and what concrete plans if you'll pardon the pun does do the city of Oakland have to do anything on that site other there and wait for the ages to come for someone else or someone else that does the city even have the money no. so they wanted to time payment out now that the college the the county wants out of the sports business they want out of that Coliseum in they want out of that arena and they would like to have a little money to show the taxpayers that they got something out of it if nothing else to reading retire the debt that we're still paying off over the I AEA them out Davis looks after the raiders business but the city wants to have control of it and the mayor wants to have control of it is will merely be shot she just doesn't approve of the lawsuit going here because it throws a monkey works and it's gonna be interesting because this is like welcome to Oakland Hayes president Dave kaval you sit there and you're going we're gonna do this you're going to have to go I'm this is Oakland and you know this is like we are going to build a a how we're terminal and we're going to do all this yes supposedly very complex very difficult you need everybody on board I mean it just is to do these things whether it's the warriors arena the king dome you name it that you got to have everybody on the board and in this case everybody got into the truck to say okay now we're gonna go build and then they got in a fight about who's gonna likes to try for the car. it's just like welcome to Oakland we'll see where this goes but all in all as cat Campbell said we were blind sided and we're very disappointed with this not exactly the way to get things going to be S. Providence R. Phil Mateer back this evening at five fifty. cemex joins us.

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