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Fact of the matter is investing short, you can read about how somebody turned one hundred dollars into five hundred dollars whatever denomination you WANNA to use. In that particular case. However, I could tell you many stories of other people on the other way they've lost all their money. So the most important factor is first of all, what you can afford to lose the second thing is preservation of capital what you want to get your money back. It's not a bad doubling your money. And now it's too easy for people to think I'm going to turn this hundred dollars into two hundred dollars and then to into for and on and on and on. Now it's about you know just making sure that if you're investing in something, you can get back. Warren. Buffet talks about this a lot preservation of capital or return of capital is really what's important and then is about risk management. Understanding when you GYNA- take a loss and also more importantly when you're GONNA tight prophet. I say too many people connotation profitably and yet when the market goes against them, all the stock goes against them..

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