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At the MTA. It's a nineteen sixty style holding company with a nineteen sixties style mentality. We have to consolidate the functions at the MTA bring in a different culture make the board functional and operational. So we know that we're getting officiency from the the riders fair. But then we also need a long term funding stream that we can rely on. And I believe that's congestion pricing. The alternative to congestion pricing is really a fare increase. And it could be as high as thirty percent. I think that's wrong. I think it's wrong to further burden the writers and congestion pricing. Frankly taxes people who drive in. They're the ones who will pay the tolls. Most of them come from out of state out of state only one or two percent come from the outer boroughs. It's a luxury to drive into Manhattan is tremendous environmental costs at cetera. And I believe the totaling of on congestion pricing is a better way to fund the system. So let me read a little bit from the press release to give our listeners some of the details, and then ask you to comment on them. But says the MTA transformation plan would include a congestion pricing financing model electronic tolling devices would be installed on the perimeter of the central business district of Manhattan defined as the street, south.

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