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News Washington and the White House today, releasing a statement. President Trump Encouraging all Americans to quote re commit themselves to Dr King's dream by engaging in acts of service to others to their community and to our nation. Now, here in the Boston area, a statue of Dr King and his wife is set to become a fixture late next year in Boston Common Memorial to Martin Luther King Jr and his wife, Coretta Scott King, has been in the works since 2016. When finished, It'll sit in Boston common, the site reflecting Dr King's 1965 march from Roxbury to Boston Common the day after King Spoke in favor of desegregating schools. At a joint legislative session at the Massachusetts Statehouse. King and his wife first met while they were both students in Boston. They reportedly met on a blind date in 1951. The 22 FT tall bronze statue depicts four arms and his named the embrace. It's based on a photo of the couple hugging after King was awarded the Nobel Peace Price. The privately funded sculpture is expected to be finished and unveiled in fall of 2022 Very small WBZ Bost. It's news radio and speakers during the celebration of Dr King's Life in his hometown of Atlanta, say they want renewed dedication to Nonviolence. The Reverend Bernice King is Thies, slain civil rights leaders daughter, she said in an online church service today that physical violence and hateful speech in her words are out of control in the aftermath of the election and the deadly siege on the U. S. Capitol. Police came quoting your father is, she said mankind must choose between quote, nonviolent coexistence or violent co annihilation, and that she says it is possible to respond too late. It's 3 48. And today the president issued an executive order setting in stone his plans for a statue Garden of Heroes, calling it America's answer to a reckless attempt to erase our hero's values and entire way of life. Those the president's words, WBC's Madison, Rodgers explains Sense. Confederate monuments and other statues were two faced and toppled last summer and racial justice protests, including the North and Christopher Columbus statue. President Trump has talked about putting together a garden of heroes. Collection of statues in the nation's capital. The list of names he wants included is long. It includes both former Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia. Names from Louis Armstrong to Neil Armstrong and among the Massachusetts natives on the list writers Henry David Thoreau Wealth Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson and Dr Seuss. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Calvin Coolidge and John Adams, Sam Adams to Ben Franklin, Paul Revere and several other names. Only time will tell if this exact Kind of order will be rolled back by another in a matter of days. Madison Rogers WBZ Boston's news radio out security is locked down in the nation's capital ahead of the inauguration of Wednesday. NBC's Alex Stone is out on the streets by the White House, and he says it's close to a ghost town. The infrastructure set up here is definitely ready for large crowds or big metal fences and gates all around the White House, the Capitol on the National Mall, But there's just nobody out here. A lot of troops walking around a lot of federal agents walking around it is cold. It is windy. Some folks who are kind of moseying about and taking pictures. But as of right now, that's about it. And also today we're getting some new information about the deadly riot at the Capitol. We've learned one of the people involved who was arrested, admitting to wanting to kill lawmakers, a witness alleging in an affidavit that Dominic is Ola also discussed how he and others would have murdered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And vice President Mike Pence if they had gotten the chance in court papers and interviews. At least four pro Trump rioters have said they joined the march that spiraled into violence, in part because the president encouraged them to do so. And that is a B C's Martha Raddatz. In time of 3 51 authorities looking into a long term security breach at one of the nation's busiest airports. He wanted to go up up in a way, but he didn't go away a California man who told police that he was afraid to fly home because of covert 19 has been arrested on charges that he hit in a secure area at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for three months. The 36 year old man was spotted by two airline workers who demanded identification. Police say he showed a stolen airport worker I d badge. Judge said she was shocked someone could remain in a secure area of the airport for so long without anyone noticing. Jim Krystle, a CBS NEWS WBZ NEWS radio is your trusted source for complete coverage of the inauguration of Jill Biden and Kamila Harris, Joseph R. Biden Jr do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the inauguration of the 46, president of the United States of America. Joe Biden continuing coverage Wednesday until you BZ Boston's news radio. Are you downside? Using moving, having.

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