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And yet he clearly had the full confidence at the president the united states coming it clearly wetland just play the present talking about anthony scaramucci so people don't have to trust my word for it here's peasant trump who you bruce convicted is it is scare much he spectacular failure just words i feel is fair to use here a reflection on anthony scaramucci or on demand higher him well you know what i mean this was a nobrainer and this was really the minimal first step for john kelly to do to show that he was serious and that he's you know working for a presidency and not for a tv reality show i mean uh now comes the really really tough part and and the tough part is not only being making sure that he is empowered as first among equals than that everybody in the west wing reports to trump through kelly but it is fundamentally it is how do you manage donald trump uh here is a guy this is a white house that is completely broken that in six months donald trump has not learned anything about governing uh it's a white house that cats uh issue executive orders that are enforceable it can't pass legislation it can't prioritize the presence agenda whatever that agenda may be it can't get anybody on the same page and mrs a president who is completely out of the box and undisciplined when it comes to his twitter account so look i mean it's it's really just this is this job is anc exponentially more difficult than anything john kelly has ever say when you talk about everyone reporting through him luck mark they were clear about that tonight the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders has asked as everyone going to report to him not to the press out of anthony scanlon she was recording tackling the present the answer was yes there was a followup does that include jared kushner in of akg chop they answer yes.

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