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Yeah. I'm recording us into the tale of an iphone automated. The Sasha was gone full circle all the way back to eight years ago, but Meyer, I wish aside we've just walked into the plant center dot cracked on striking in the plan Senator apart from the fact that it is meticulously perfect in everything. It's start the plants are split on my left hand side into shade garden plants, Drake, art, implants and dump if every garden center, are you went to did dare plant layout in this way. Life would be such a an amazing place. And it's not just it's broken down further again. So we're a mono. Well, let me skew across now give you one left a little bit behind me. Just for a second domain grew. I've sorry, but we're gone into the dry one. We've got I don't know that received as one that you might know a home. There's Halley anthem on says Wesley white rock gross on rose spreading show put narrow dark green leaves on what flares yellow centers for seventy five s pretty good value. There's people laughing here. Isn't that amazing? Civil is. We're very lucky. We have ability saris today. You have to say it into this one. Why I'm a my imagination. Or are you unique in how you Leo your plants with those large big shades, dump essentially labels. Probably not no not unique. No. But a lot of gun since she do go into now have presidential to dedicate dedicated to certain plants posts, they picked up on the hot dry weather this year and at bench of drought, living, plants, etc. But generally, it's sort of is at all the arrange shrubs trees, climbers, preneurs, etc. But we've just. Thrust is just and it was Beth the whole Gardner who wrote plot wrote place. It was just common sense is just you have these conditions. Why do you want to go to plants that dumps all in you? You only have plants. The unique plaza will groaning will dry. So so that's the way we sent him for those of you listening at home who knew Beth and who who knew the gardens. I I have to apologize because there was conversation before all it started. What had happened was doping line that you heard which was essentially painting picture, which led me to my daughter is painting. What she taught was amazing now that's made me think of John Lennon explaining why Lucian skyward diamonds was too tight lipped dot song is think he says is soon walks in. And he said, what's dot? And he said that's Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I knew okay. I just think it's amazing that people can paint with their eyes closed and just have a big picture. But when it's things that photo synthesizing landscape steel to give..

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