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And so there is a part of me that's like he, he skipped the line, go through. Seems like skip junkies. And I'm like, that's not fair. I mean, that sounds so my gosh, that's so ego and terrible. But that's the truth is that's the hardest part to navigate for me is all the sudden we're in this together. All of a sudden like this is a silly thing, but it's not silly to me. We started doing podcasts together. You know, we don't. Months ago. Yeah, we go to podcast in the top ten world. Yeah, it's crazy crazy. We tape them like honor iphone, which is this fancy Innis yet, but we sergeant a podcast gather immediately. We started showing up and things and they'd be like Rachel and Dave Hollis. And I was like, this is not a wedding invitation. I am Rachel Hollis. I've earned the right to my name by myself. Like Rachel Hollis n. Dave Hollis. It's not reach like, don't lump me in like it was like as soon as we started working together, it became, I don't know. I sound terrible, sounds terrible. But this honesty, this is what I've struggled with the struggle was you didn't wanna feel lumped in with your husband. We started going to book signings, and people would ask him to sign the book too. Yeah, even though he didn't write the book that bothers me. I would bother me too because I'm like, no, this is my book. I like that. But he didn't help with any of this? Did you or no? No, no. I mean, this is our story like, no, but that is again, if your names on the books. But it's also like that is one hundred percent. My ego talking. I have to say it's been like a really lart season. I just like trying to get over. It was like, how is this for me? Like, I'll be super honest. So y'all went to fishing trip and you weren't about it. It was all men. I understand that it was men, but it was, oh, hey, Rachel, the biggest personal developed with people are all going on this trip. Does your husband wanna go. That was really interesting. The whole time like this. It was like the biggest personal self therapy I've done in my entire life was like, okay, okay. How is this for me? How is this for me? How what am I supposed to learn from? When I said you like a text or video, you did respond July. Trying to process in real time. We've talked about this like all of these. Everything that's happened with this has been overwhelming. And so I have been praying for guidance from people in this field praying like, oh, I wish I could talk to someone I wished that I and you an Ed and Brendan have been so incredible to come around me and support me. But I'm like, I've. So I'm like, okay, Lord. How have I been praying for this? And then you give it today. But what the truthfully, I'm at home with my four kids by myself doing like, okay, why Michigan? But but then I'm like, okay, I can think of all kinds of reasons why maybe he needed it more than you did. Maybe he needed this community like, you know how much easy to community of guys that can lift him up and encourage him stopping so selfish. Maybe he needed this more than you did. Maybe you needed this navy. You needed to sit at home and be okay with this attention on him like, okay, so what and how I would..

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