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Bernice could kona was supposed to take a flight home but instead takes this nasty fall the seventyfouryearold tumbling down 21 steps at the portland airport her heavy wheelchair landing on top of her as bystanders scramble to help you could be his grandma mom's sister that this could happen to cut kono was connecting in portland last june on our way from mali home to spokane her family says they arranged with alaska airlines for an escort between gates but they claim alaska's gate to gate service contractor hotly usa abandoned her they walked away and bernice became confused in and she pulls up to the escalator thinking that she's getting on the elevator at that point alaska says we're heartbroken by this tragic and disturbing incident but says it appears that ms could kona declined ongoing assistance in the terminal and decided to proceed on her own to her connecting flight cocoon his family says the fault left her bedridden in constant pain for the next three months she died in september they are now suing hotly usa and alaska airlines is not going to bring your back obviously is someone needs to own up someone needs to take responsibility as for that contractor hotly usa they have it said much but the ceo did tell me that they are reviewing the facts of the case tom clayton sendoff for us clayton thank you for the index the deadly police shooting in wichita an unarmed man killed in the door of his home authorities believe a prank called known as swatting led police to the house swallowing is when so we foresee reports a shooting and hostage situation in this case police an officer opened fire when demand reach for his waist no arrests have been made next that train collision in boston more than a dozen passengers hurt when two trolleys collided this afternoon at least sixteen people taken to the hospital most with minor injuries remaining passengers walked along the tracks to board shuttle buses the crash is now under investigation the nfl changing the rules the league says.

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