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NL central and we'll see what happens I mean things have to go right injuries and all the other stuff that goes along with it to Columbus Danny to start stuff up a seven hundred W. O. W. hi good evening not I think you're right they're going to be really improve the sure but I do want to give an interesting fact about dusty Baker we were talking about earlier back in the eighties land use plan for the doctors he had a home run or he was on bass and someone behind a minute the home run and when they were rounding third days they gave each other a high five and if you Google that says who invented a high five dusty Baker gets credit for actually invented in the high five that's you I don't know what kind of monies in that but I mean if that's the case that's pretty nice in in there might have been the tooth pick thing I always thought that was cool I tried that for a little bit as a kid it didn't work out well yeah go ahead and do that I mean they they give them credit I think they may have get give some players on Kentucky basketball but you know I remember really I don't I don't think I started doing the hot what makes sense to me but he actually got the credit for that not I don't remember the other player was but it was when I think of a eighties twenty played with the doctor sure I think that makes sense so Danny how do you feel about this red steamy paying attention of the meaning they they made some moves there they're thought to to be it right there in the hunt for the NL central of title so that that's kind of nice yeah I think that really improve the major and I I I I heard that the payroll and stock a hundred a hundred and twenty million dollars I don't that four year book all the guaranteed contract that they have to do but it really makes you think that they had a quote stop back when Frank Robinson played for the red stop somebody was telling somebody another player with that's why he makes the big box Walmart and our with sixty thousand dollars a year yeah at absolutely amazing the salaries that these guys get played it off that one player easily make more than the whole game is to make even the sixty votes seventy this is astronomical he is at this point I think it's about a hundred thirty five hundred thirty six mills what it is it and while it has grown and it sounds like a lot of money but it's it's the nature of the game and obviously if they win it's not it's not a problem but in all of the winning doesn't happen that's another story Denny I appreciate the call and and certainly perspective that goes along with it five one three seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred eighteen anti I don't know about the the whole inventing the hi fi that one not taking credit which would you prefer well you know the the inventing the high fiver World Series ring and caring that trophy I think I take the the World Series ring every time Miller just me Spring Hill Tenn seven hundred WLW him in either I'm okay what would be excited about these rich and you feel like the the prognosticators are correct because I I we used to say that I thought they were drunk or higher had blunt head trauma when they were saying they had no hope of what not gonna believe I gotta believe and and then began to they were always will almost always right I'm real excited about what to read that next year main I can't believe they spent the money that they spent I think they have a good enough team last year to complete but that their pitching was wasn't there wall was for a while the I mean the the starting pitchers did you were were not as strong as you would hope that the relief corps was there and then they got tired out and and you know that that's the nature of the expectation is of course it in the debt that Chris wealth mention this I mean you know the the one through five of the starting rotation looks solid as could be and you could even go down six and seven is a possible situation there too so that's that right there will get you through and with some bats and generating offense that yeah I don't know about the small ball thing I mean we got so many big batch then you'll have to worry about on over into just like bring them home well I'm I'm answer no excuses this year they're saying hand pertain to deal with and I really like I mean even some of the guys that they had played last year that started for like a week and ring and and that couple Lestat it's going to be able to keep her get out of some of the guys and say that that's off the bench kind of stuff there that's it in a case in need and AS left handed or right handed when when you know there's that requirement to when you need some type of move to be made I appreciate the call J. since first on the other side I like this shepherd service bunting sucks see I I think and I don't know I don't know if I'm too old school about this or not everybody's about the excitement of the home run everybody's the excitement about you know the lot of offense and I and I like scoring runs especially that's our team doing it but the manufacturing of runs a in the danger on the base pads of do you know shaking a picture and their confidence and not sure what's going on something that Billy Hamilton was great at but the problem is you getting to first to be able to start becoming a thief taken second third is the problem it but the bond and then just you know situationally speaking doing what you have to do to move stuff around it and the amazing thing with these guys a lot of the time even with the pitching being strong is it it's almost like pro golfers in many cases where these guys can actually place the ball where they want to place at all tonight I wanna put it over there now granted they they do a lot of stuff with you know you know all the stats to say okay well we're gonna open up love field go ahead but nobody that nobody bonds they hit it over that direct that's the thing I don't understand and I mean and I'm just a simple man trying to find my way in the world about this are you are you ready for its baseball do you do you see the promise are you hopeful do you believe or you waiting because it's been so many years of misery sterling hang out with room for you to speak your mind coming up on the other side seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred a big one pound seven hundred WLW.

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