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Wow hard to believe that the I'm talking to my friend Max McLean who has produced a number of extraordinary dramas with theater we're talking now about ball talking about all of them the new one is Paradise Lost which opens tomorrow Jenny fifteenth here in New York City and closes on February twenty third so you need to get that occur near for the so many others Max I was mentioning Tampa Charlotte fort Lauderdale Washington DC Santa Barbara palm springs Birmingham Pittsburgh St Louis Dallas Houston northwest university Colorado springs university Michigan Tulsa records university in Kansas city you are everywhere and that's just between now and April fourth with all these different things I'm I'm just in awe of what you've done you're talking about adapting these things Paradise Lost is premiering I guess is it not yeah it's a what it's a it is a world premiere it's this this script has never been produced before it's very accessible it's and this is tomorrow starts tomorrow what time is it at seven o'clock theater row forty second and nine maybe I can go to Mars premier probably don't have any seats left but I did it just dawned are usually do that this is like you know one of these things so Wednesday the fifteenth of January is the world premiere of Paradise Lost is funny whenever I think of Paradise Lost and I think of CS Lewis and all this different stuff out one of my favorite books in the world is peril land right and I've often thought that that ought to be made into a film or to a theater production it's very similar to Paradise Lost are there other works of C. S. Lewis is that you've been tempted to put on the stage well I do this is I I I did the the most reluctant convert which tells his conversion story from his mother's death to the motorcycle ride nineteen thirty one I that doesn't really explain Lewis you know how he became who is he was okay I I'd like to to to take the second half of that story but it's much more challenging because it's not as the the conflict is not as clear so anyway that I'm working on that one of the reasons I I wanted to do paradise losses because I read Lewis's practice to Paradise Lost which was just it really open up the story for me and of course I read peril andra and and that is a retelling of the story where she doesn't fall was it's amazing I mean I have the mind of Lewis if he had not done nothing but write fiction he would be famous you can forget about all the apologetics and all that I mean lander is is extraordinary and who would think that an essay that's a preface the Paradise Lost would itself be brilliant I mean that it isn't worth reading it's really the the the character develop the character studies of of Lucifer of say ten of of his henchmen Belisle Malik Beelzebub what he says about Adam and eve really help to tell the story and and these actors have just delved into it you know what's good about theater is it's not pedantic it's not preachy it's telling old story I mean my sense is what I when I watch the rehearsal yesterday is that this story is so archetypal glee Arkan typically deep that that people are going to kind of be stunned by it because it's you know we've grown up with the story but we've grown up with it in a kind of a distillate of a distant well yeah you you're going to experience the actual what happens what was the mindset when she goes to what is she pushes back no yes no yes kind of a show piece choice moment and we and and seeing it and then we ask ourselves well if we were in that same you went when eve goes to reach for the fruit right yeah we now we know it wasn't necessarily an apple a lot of scholars believe it was a ten year low just kidding no but it's interesting that we yeah we heard of it so much that to see it in the moment and what level to it over to the and what led up to it right you know the the the heart of the idea plant its head in in there it and then of course the you know the the the genesis story doesn't give us much of a backstory right Milton spends a lot of time exploring Lucifer's motivation and quite a bit in eve's motivation so to take that information and articulated theatrically in an experience away not a pedantic preachy way I think opens it up in a huge way from for most people well and and of course Milton past losses not scripture but he he goes out of his way to think biblically that's the beauty of a mind like Milton's is that he's really trying to figure this out this isn't for him just a poem this is he's trying to turn into poetry what is yeah three what there's a there's a line somewhere that what was his intent was to I don't have it but you know his his his purpose was to explain the ways of god to to it was an apologetic that that's the famous line yes we should remember this to justify the ways of god that same man that's what he wanted to yeah but what he ended up doing was any time you have a picture of Satan Lucifer yeah Mephistopheles Screwtape it's largely planted more for Milton than from any other source now that I didn't know and I'm glad to hear that because I think we forget that a lot of the things that we assume come from scripture don't and we have to be very careful because ideas just get fixed and we know we know something and then you realize well no I I I I shouldn't know that because it's not necessarily true well I think that was the visual representation and and the the coming at second that yeah I mean obviously scripture speaks a lot about this dark power well there's no doubt of that act we're gonna go to break here we're gonna return with a discussion of Satan come to the air in taxes so don't go away we'll be here Max McLean is my guest this website quick F. C. S. Lewis on stage dot com is easier.

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