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So only when we win and we force it down their throats. I mean, not force, but we do it democratically. They force it down our throats. I eat with avant Macaire. So I don't I see Trump as governing conservatively and some of the things he says, oh, let me say this. I know that you, and I I I watch and listen to your podcast lot. I agree with you ninety nine percent of the time. I think we have a different perception though, about Trump, and this is what bothers me about never-trumpers. They. Were sell outs. I haven't sold out. I five kids. I have nothing. I love America as much as I ever have. I'm not offended by trumps nationalism. I don't see code in trumps nationalism to walk white supremacy or are all right or any of that I coat Trump and code don't mix. Trump is whatever he says is what he says. And and so I don't see any of these sinister motives that Trump has he may say things that aren't true. But but I don't taking that seriously. So as before when I some of the things he did I was just appalled now, I kind of laugh when I see these videos of him in the wrestling thing. Now, I look back at him accusing Ted Cruz bad of assassinating. I just laugh at that. Because it's so absurd and I don't even take him seriously. It was dirty pool at the time. Don't get me wrong. But I don't I just don't take see Trump is some sinister guy. I think he's really working for the good of America. I mean, I really of all the things he believes I've really. I believe he loves America. And I don't see a lot of eveland, and I think is a Christian. I have a duty to support him. Because he's the guy that's standing in the way of standing at work, the advance of leftism case. So I want to ask you in a second about the the response to that. And this is coming from somebody who said I'm much more likely now to support him than I was in two thousand sixteen but I I wanna talk to you about your second amendment rights gum overs. Listen up did you enter to win your brand new gun from the USCCA? If not what are you waiting for your about to miss the deadline, but the heck's wrong with you the gun today..

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