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I think you're right about kyko i mean kyko is a possibility he pitched wednesday night mega look up how many pictures he threw but i think it was a sixty or something like that and it wasn't all watt so he could come back but again you gotta be careful with starters coming in in relief roles even to the point where mcculler 's you know who's the backup guy tonight he's on short rest as well and obviously hinche had to make the decision by you start him you start morton he went on regular rest as opposed to who is the better picture here because you've seen time and time again when guys gone short rest you don't know what you're going to get the don't know what you're going to get even even your ace on short rest so kyko is available i'm sure foreign inning or two if they desperately need him named the kids yet and and looks about the of the everybody's on a short leash no matter who if you are you're a hundred short leash tonight i don't see a lotta runs means scored i see this as being a bullpen game and that's where i think the yankees have the advantage they've got guys who are used to being in the bullpen they've got kamely they've got chapman i i think they'll have robertson i don't know the robertson's going to throw too clunkers in a row and he only through twelve pictures last night plus they've got sunny gray and again that's that's my caveat starter going into the bullpen but you know i i give the advantage to the yankees share a really do we'll see let's go to mike in east rockaway you're on the fan mike that would have wanted rich hey my always a pleasure this unity one year ways rich always a pleasure um you know talking about listening to you earlier uh he was a home series world series uh she she has been the money guy uh who would have funk it at the uh early opposite of the sheet and how it which pan out uh all hands on deck and the submarine rich you know might even mentioned this on the show this week a few times the yankees don't seem to you know i have uh have a out a way about the short the.

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