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Difference for your now on today's show I'm with a wonderful Kevin, Johnny Oh how are you? Doing very good. Thank you. I've just checked your I and that's a very difficult one. Say Can I can try that again Kevin Gm Very Closest Kevin Joni. I'd try these things. No matter. How hard are trimark sometimes I don't get them right. Now. Mark is the founder of average Joe Finances but. This a lot more to mark than just for, and we're going to be talking about his career in the navy and you know you've had a long long career in the Navy I'd love to start their time in the navy. Sure. So my time in the navy has been phenomenal. It's been A. Just a wonderful experience for me because I joined the navy when I was seventeen years old I had to have my my parents actually sign a waiver form to allow me to enlist at such a young age. and. I had to wait a year before could even ship out to boot camp and actually finish highschool as well. It wasn't even finished with high school with the time when I signed up. And You know I graduate high school while Oh, my friends are sitting there having their graduation parties and everyone's getting ready for the summer I'm shipping off the Great Lakes up in Chicago and heading off to basic training. That's so nice smooth. Journey started for me. Yeah. Definitely do you think that? Over those years that it's helped you become the person you are today. One hundred percent yeah. I would not be who I am today if I didn't join the navy. So I I often speak with people that have served. Yours is quite a quite a long period of time. Do you become somewhat institutionalize. Once you leave is it hard to let go of some of the I guess the discipline that you gather and you become. So I think, that's part of what I'm doing right now is I'm working on my transition to change my mindset a bit from the you know the structured military lifestyle where You know everything has its place and you know it's a great structure to be a part of right. But you know translating that into civilian life. It's that's not always how things work outside of the military right so right now, I'm working on a mindset shift. To just Kinda change how I look at things just changed my perspective. And and that's one of the things I'm doing right now with average Joe Finances and. You know starting my my side business and I I just recently got my real estate license Yup and I'm doing that I have a rental property back in Virginia that I rent out. So I plan to buy more and this is kind of just the start of my next career where I'm going to be my own boss and really excited about that. So the transition. May Be Difficult. But I'm trying to start it early enough to where. When I finally retire between twenty and twenty two years that it's not gonna be a big shock to the system. You taking steps right now it's a credit to you. So were done now I love the nine average finances this it's fantastic. It's straight to the point Suzanne. This nine that I'm never ever going to forget how did you come about that name? Awesome. Well, thank you for asking so. Average. You'll find it's kind of funny because I said. As I started investing in real estate and looking towards the future outside of the navy and I said, Hey, I want do something. Build something. That's my own but share you KINDA WANNA..

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