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The provider, or they're the with holder and the man will go either way. How far Barrick is that how prehistoric is that, frankly? And how unenlightened is that? But these are the intellectual betters of you and I they're smarter than us. They live on a higher ethical and moral plane. Just ask them they'll tell you how about Robert in Virginia. Robert, what do you think of the sex strike, Robert? They listen if at my wife apply. The listen Alano theory, our marriage Bill Sharman somewhere else. You know. Now, wait a minute. You took vows Robert you. Would you try to work things out? Transactional, load? You go to where get the product that you want. Well, you know what taking alyssum Alana's approach that does seem to be the end logical result? Right. If that's all a man is looking for, they'll find it. So. Losing divorced. Thank you, Robert. I appreciate it. We'll know. And that's the other thing, it's like it's like I doubt that alyssum Alana will practice this, because the man, she's married to is, you know, so enlightened, and so in so progressive, and, and, and in agrees with her and all of her politics. So this really only applies to the women who are in some way, having a normal or regular I should say regular physical relations with a man who has a polar opposite abortion views than her. Okay. Bring it bring it. Elissa honestly,.

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