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Driving all of oil and it's an amazing substitute thank you very much all right new beer's eve so the second I saw new beer's eve I well wait a minute if today is new beer's eve doesn't that make tomorrow national beer day so I did some research the answer is yes yes tomorrow is national beer day that means it's new beer's eve because why wait for national beer day where you could just start right now it is by no seven in the evening so that's right that is all good or were under quarantine Pappas Stella or whatever you got let let's roll Pacifico with live whatever you want to do do your thing now upon seeing this news who do you think I texted Lehrer now dot Larry Krueger of course the great Tom Tolbert and I'd I'd always waiting for nine o'clock tech so I said what I said right out of the gate don't worry I do not need you to run your car wrecks rate you'd just stay on the couch everything's fine but do you know that tomorrow is national beer day I said buddy you better get after it you notice response was I already am three words what J. isn't has a good response from Tom Tolbert well play well.

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