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Joy i do your cut is it's got to be done everywhere. You go continues yeah the movies. He's lakers jewish child school. Everybody's talking about what happened when you're as yeah but then as we don't get to play sunday we'll take five months for guys got away a he. You'll have six months in limbo for six months. Were found out in life. I don't care no one's say but it's nothing like being in the myth myth of diabetes done it and even fail at trying to accomplish it is just not feeling like it is the falen of an objective of china become great. It's great nathan itself magic. Take for your first step to say. I'm a fighter. I'm a fundamental. I fucking step. You've got to coach the step to the gym and feel the the kid fine air anymore experiencing you and so how am i gonna get fucking level. This guy's not gonna let me get till he's gonna kill me. You know what i mean. What can you get how one about hama go to get either. Gonna kill me then little by little you get the graph bit more graphic wrath and win more human. He believed that he had problems too and you realize the fec logically. I can do this stuff crazy man over exactly. How did i say somebody always. It's always somebody's fan never looked up to anybody if somebody sees well that's where i wanna be right there. You know what i saw. I live here. That's why i want to be like i know wanted to be a fight but then i thought roberta renovated. That's what the fuck i wanna be right. I think that's the way i want it. Being i mean mother. Fuckers people scared to look at him. I wanted to use that in your fighting style or the outside of the katie the outside your rain both animal side of the ring. I mean i've seen it yet but that's a long ways to go to the restaurant. Victor's ho cafe cuba everything sit outside the weight to feel had too many bodyguards so i became famous pain champion. I started going there and i'd say whatever the rainy show me the food that he put me with. You gave the round of cake steak rice. That's takes right and stuff yeah. I said i made them in the restaurant. My hero aid at tarantulas monster ransoming. Listen let me tell you listen the ran. This guy was given the ran a tough fight through at the fourteen teams around around knocked them out boom. He's combing fucking fucked up right and then everybody said rant says the ran. What did you feel even a coma. Possibly may lena live and then the next time i being shaped. He won't go to the house because of the puck and morgue got heart. Aw that's so awesome he was fucking. Ooh fuck. You're going to fight this. One guy named phil what game another tough fight it went. The fifteen round durant shook the guy that he should get hand but when this corner punched fucking farther than the fake bulls we've seen a whole shoot the fight and win the fight. A corner punched in the face holy shit monster down you see his movie. I made about his life <music>. I like i look at the rand graded in that. What was that movie. I forget the name of years ago. Yeah it was ago. This is life story but it's yeah it's it's crazy. We gotta look at the fact that you may be in a boxing fanatic. Install durant was lightweight. Champion for seven years couldn't be matching lost one fight event. Uh extra bonda hastily didn't seven years. He was champion and then he for the greek carlos. Palomino was world champion in non title for only beat him and then um how many came to fight sugar and then the big fighting my world in one thousand nine hundred eighty. I watch these guys fight in montreal that on screen and that turned me. I wanted to be a fighter. Died died said no way i'm not going to be a fight..

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