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Hey kind of question for you who you netflix john corby show news radio 610 wtvn sterling a trying to make sense of thing from a man john corby enjoying some vacation a guy who makes sense again here there and everywhere else from the sky and navigating airports weather is that what used to be noticed port columbus now john glenn or anywhere else you happen to go was aviation expert jay ratliff my friend to welcome back how are ya irvine good wellmade rim gerber wow so let's backtrack a couple of days has all of the wrinkling and to back up in weirdness after atlanta's airports power outage been sort of worked out or is this still feeling being felt around the planet earth doping felton back we received an update this morning that there are still hundreds upon hundreds of bag that delta still trying to reunite which from dirt the bags arrived before the passengers or the passengers arrive before their bags and is uh impossible as it is to believe sterling the uh the of it was through the course of the day today an early tomorrow where all the passengers from sunday or going to finally reach their destination now they've been taking care because i know they're weird rules when it comes to what airlines are required to do natural issues weather compared to their you know error putting people up in hotels or they let that up to people to sleep in the airport awad you know when when it first happen they at the eleventh hour delay on sunday all the thousands of flights were cancelled um i i was asked the same question and i said on sunday the airlines are not responsible for doing anything uh at this point airlines are not known for the generosity they're not known for their benevolence are not known early carrying sometimes like we wish they would but i was pleasantly caught off guard the delta airlines stepped up to the plebes along with other carriers on sunday and said we will reimburse travellers four there sunday night hotels stay based.

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