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Another episode of thanks pod Nate on this episode you talked with Kevin Garcia career I did talk with Kevin Garcia about well about all sorts of different things primarily to share Kevin Story to give Kevin a space to talk about the church and who Kevin is and but primarily we talked with Kevin for this new series that we have going on right so we have once again incidentally run into a series of calm -tations that we've had that seem to all be in line with each other and these this series is going to center on the Church doctrine ambiguity yes so in other words like when churches aren't clear about their policies in this case specifically toward LGBTQ inclusion right and I think that that ultimately is is what the next couple episodes will lead into different perspectives coming from different voices on LGBTQ folks and their positions in the church in whether churches are being explicit about what it does positions are that are available to and the big question is like What does what does it mean to not be explicit in your policies What does it mean both to the congregation to the people who are attending and to the ministers when the church is not explicit in this dance on inclusion is it good bad as hurt despoilers probably hurts that's why we we brought Kevin on the show because Kevin has some personal experience with being a part of a church that wasn't clear on Lgbtq inclusion and feeling the repercussions of that all right we'll we'll I'm ready so let's take us away nate six okay cool so you start with just like yeah who's Kennedy is who are you right now and then how grow up how Bella Kevin Garcia who is that is a great question who am I right now well right now I think that I I self identify as a spiritual director at intuitive life coach a creative a public he'll lojane is something that I allowed myself to start calling myself recently and a mystic and somebody who an entrepreneur camp junkie adventure I just feel like it's really refreshing to come across people like Kevin particularly in the Progressive Christian world because Kevin is someone that talks has if they're a normal human that enjoys life but also thinks hard and earnestly about things and often times I feel like at least experiences with Progressive Christian folks is in a university context where people are speaking really heavy and verbose and you have to have a certain vocabulary to to have any sort of input in conversation yeah I totally get that and that's what makes Kevin so special Kevin has this uncanny ability to take these lofty theological concepts and present them in a way that is approachable but the phrase enjoying life Kevin certainly would not use that phrase to describe how they grew up when I a turned fourteen realized I was attracted to boys was horrified because Christians don't struggle with that kind of stuff I was Exodus International for the following twelve years which was the largest ex gay ministry in the world An effective learned how to hate myself in suppressing sexual orientation hoping for God's change however that's not a thing so at the end of that unlike twenty four years old I have become it's not gone through like crazy college years I have done I've you know double down on my fundamentalism at this point become a missionary for God's so in order to live out what Kevin had been told is this authentic version of Christianity Kevin starts working with this mission organization but that doesn't solve anything I came home from the mission field thought that I was me like I'm like okay apparently because I'd I must not want the healing bad enough I'm not want the things of God bad enough I must be the problem and the emotional physical and mental toil of overcoming antle ISM is real and sometimes it feels impossible and in the midst of this turmoil Kevin Attempt suicide twice I woke up after the second time and I was like well still here maybe it's for a reason and I figured okay I either need to a get down with celibacy because like that's what I gotta do or I gotTa figure this shit because I can't keep living like this because I was of so sad I was I hated my life I'm working for this missions organization that I quit like because that makes it was always trust what the Holy Spirit is saying to you and as I trust him with the Holy Spirit was saying to me kept getting this this word or this here at this conservative pentecostal organization it was there where Kevin had this profound moment when they realize is that maybe their humanity isn't at odds with God that their sexuality isn't at odds with God maybe Kevin didn't have to fundamentally change themselves in order to be the person that God created.

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