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Tell the hardest thing is like for fucking twenty years. I came home at two o'clock or I came home at one eight food and then I go up to my bedroom and I'd lay down like a little baby and I'd take a nap for two hours. Now you get on a fucking movie set. We were getting picked up four thirty in the morning. Not Coming home till seven thirty at night. Hey you working fifteen hour days. Don't get the fucking nap. It is the hardest thing I saw you guys in behind the scenes videos. It's like do. That's a long fucking doc. In Day people don't understand hockey amazing. You work four hours a day maybe an and you stay fit. Yeah that's checks checks that that that you don't think actors do that whole scene filming that movie. Christopher Nolan's by far and away the most powerful guy onset he snapping at people know he's he's What's interesting about him is like I think that he sets the tone? The moment the sun comes up like everyone is standing on set. The Sun hasn't set hasn't rose yet and like when the directors the guy I leading the charge on his feet all day and I counted. I saw him take four bathroom breaks and the whole twenty two days that we were shooting. I mean this guy's a fucking beast and you know I it rubs off. It's like when you have a captain. That's just a workhorse. You can't it's tough to kind kinda let it slide. So yeah just get said Scott Stevens captains working the hardest zero thing. Were you able to meet Michael. Can I see him on the year. No so they they they shot I see this. I definitely can't say a lot of right right. He wasn't He wasn't filming when I was filming but that would have been. Yeah yeah that can brand names named you to memorize lines. I don't know if we mentioned it last time. You're on the DO I. I can't fucking Oh man. I had never memorized I. I realized once I started this I was like when I hear a song on the radio that I've heard for twenty years. I know none of the fucking words so now all of all the sudden they hand you like last night. I had an audition today for Anna the Shonda rhimes new show about the Russian girl that came came to New York and Condo these people out of money all. Yeah Yeah Yeah finding an so I got I get the pages last night. Six o'clock at night. I gotta addition. Today it's four pages missile dude. I've been up for fucking twenty four hour to probably twenty six hours. I can't memorize shit. I have to read it four hundred times before it even starts to sink in a little bit that I gotTa say it out loud another two hundred times in the mirror in the mirror non the mayor but the whoever's around like I literally like my wife or I I've asked the dog Walker to read lines with me before like anyone that I can find a human that's GonNa fucking heartbeat might trainer when I do my go to the gym for an hour workout. He's running lines with me the whole time. He's like telling me for that. The extra I should. But I haven't Amick warm-up eating lines gives I know you had that issue with the dog groomer the dog tip the a tip on me and then called me. Cheap hotter she she. She texted somebody thinking but she accidentally texted Sean. She writing a nasty message. What's Sean be cheap? First of all so she I get a text message and it's from the groomer and the groom or thinks she's texting her employ. Oy In it says Shawn's coming to pick up the dogs. Make sure you add twenty percent onto his Bill because he's cheap. That cheap fucked bevere test so she sends ends this to me so I write back like capital Aloe Al la ha ha ha ha ha. You fucked this one up and then me immediately. mmediately go to instagram and just on our load on her. That's all but you don't feel bad at all songs that you don't feel bad. I love when the moment you know. When the instagram goes private live it and the facebook and the yellow pages start coming down you know been effective like they go silent for forty eight hours and I did exist exist penalty on him when he's been driving he's like I did my job? I did my job. Are you worried about getting killed in one of these videos. Because I'm worried for you you'RE GONNA go one of these trucks and tell one of these drivers. Go Fuck Yourself. You told me earlier. His dream to walk out of his door and see somebody in the act of stealing wakes up. Yeah I've I've I've played. I've played it out in my head. Four fucking hundred times if I come out of my apartment and I see the guy. And he's cracking my lock. There's one scenario where I drop kick him and then I curb stomp him. There's another where I where I get. I have my bike bike. Lock in my hand and I last sue him with the lock and like suck in Steven Seagal right like I'm going well. This came up a lot a lot. Alan stolen bike stolen. Maybe we could reenact a scene and then we flavors like when you pick up the machine would be. You looked good. I already would be a great. You elect guy I would. I have been so I'll tell you like three days ago. A guy got out of his truck with a hammer and it was the first time he got a somebody's got out of their car. It was a heating and fucking cooling van and the guy we we got into it. I started it. She gets out of the car with a hammer. So I always have generally my backpack and I carry around a fucking giant. Can of bear spray. Gomer you know what bear spray is not mace. Ace hairsprays hairspray over over was gonNA last fucking dares Mason doing a thing to a bear. God knows hair sprays. You got a fighting chance. You got a fighting chance with bear spray. So I'm like fuck. Do I go for the bear spray or are I'm thinking to myself. You got to be pretty accurate to come at me with a hammer and you're gonna get me in a spot that's GonNa put me down like really really you gotta get me on the temple or the top of the head and I can fuck in Juke and move like if you're coming at me I'm going to take a step. I'm going to try to rocky in this. Yeah like hey hey he. He has his trainer. Reenact.

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