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All right, let's do anchor fronting here while we're doing that we get some time. Anger funding is a friend of mine that zah company, but the owner is actually Kevin Lines. Anchor funding helps people like me and like you who have mortgages. You borrow the money? You pay interest on it. The interest rate? Of course. We know this. I'm just going to give you the basics because it's really important. Understand? If you if you haven't I know you know all this, So I'm just gonna sit Haul anchor funding. Give them the interest rate that you're paying on your home mortgage and see if they can lower it. I mean, you're gonna talk to some other lenders in the South. That's his lawyer, because, well, it may be the lowest this goes, but you got five minutes. You have to give any personal information. You have to give your address. Even your name. Just call Kevin Lines and anchor Finding to say here is interested in paying. And just when I got my loan and see what they can come up with, I mean, I've done it twice with Kevin. One was no 13 years ago. Little more longer that and in that particular loan. I just lowered my interest. I just wanted to lower the payment each month, But I did again passed almost a year ago this past January, and I wanted to cut years off the end of my loan. I said I'd keep paying this, but let's cut off years with the lower interest rate. Look, I don't know what's waiting for you. But it could be great. The phone number is 803 335157 kids your interest rate on your home loan and calling confronting and see if they can lowered amazing people. They'll ask you some questions to some other ideas to again. It's all it's all real easy, and it's really personal. You're gonna love him a day again. 803 335157 or just tell Seriously get me anchor funding. Are you looking for financial security in these uncertain times? If you are 60 years or older with equity in your home, today's reverse mortgage may be the perfect solution if you have ever considered a reverse mortgage today is the day Beth Miller Row is the Bay Area. Reverse.

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