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It's a seven year contract. That turner has now. And so i guess they got some other guys to. They've already linked up. Kenny albert as their play by play guy eddie olczyk in their ray ferraro is also going to be part of it. I don't know if that means he's going to cut back on his tsn duties or not. Brian boucher in. There's also an analyst and leah hextall female play by play analyst. So they've got a nice little stable already early in the game here but Yeah i'd say wayne gretzky he would probably be giving ron maclean a break today saying he probably shouldn't say that and always ri- steak you know cooler with that stuff. Don't let it happen again and we move forward and i think what you'll probably get steve. He until now at the same time gretz gets it. He understands he under. He's always understood his role. He's always understood what's what's expected of him. What's expected of people. What what the fans deserve you know. He he understands that better than anyone. He's always had a great knack. Great street smarts. Great you know. He always has so. I think what he'll be able to do. Steve is he'll he'll be able to point out mistakes. He'll glaring mistakes turnovers and stuff like that. But i think you're you're going to see it done in a way that that he'll explain why that mistake happened You know 'cause we all look at it and go you know the the overtime winner in fourth game edmonton and winnipeg giveaway. Yeah it was a guy trying to throw it around desperation times anyway. It was giveaway guy. Picked it up ripped in scored the goal. I think wayne would point point out that you know yes. That's a turnover. But here's why here's what the guy was trying to do. Here's what he's thinking but you wouldn't want to that again. That's kind of how. I hear the tone of stuff going with wing yup. He's not going to bury anyone personally. Guarantee guarantee he's never you know he's he's not he's not going to say this guy should be on the fourth line and not the he might. I don't know he might tune in for sure. Big challenge for them those stevie. No i agree. It's a big challenge. And i don't know that i know what to expect at this stage. He will have to go down that that milbury lane a little. A johnny miller thing not be afraid to say the odd negative thing where it where it's needed because that's you know that's kind of what the viewer demands and Certainly the doors wide open. And i mean the paycheck speaks for itself the superstar name the biggest name in the history of hockey. That's huge for tnt to acquire. That said it's not an automatic that it'll be a success. I think about joe montana for example as an nfl analyst at just ten out he was not good so there will have to be Yeah they'll have to be some performance from wayne gretzky if that job is to be something that he stays with long-term so we wish obviously you know what they're looking for stevie because of the recent experience over the last..

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