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Our next Updated 6 30 Rick you Chino NewsRadio 700 Double The oil. W It's utf Peach Ice Cream Season. Hurry in before we're out, Fresher, PG and PG or G F. All right. Good morning, 607. We got 700. W well w Good morning to you, Uh, case you have thought of trying this. It doesn't work. You pulled over by a cop. You want them to go away? So you pick up your phone and you call in a shooting a few blocks from there, hoping he'll leave you. And go after the shooting. Instead, you get arrested for calling in a false report. This happened in suburban Cleveland, Cleveland Heights. Mohammed Kabeer age 34 driving Saturday afternoon vehicle pulled over by South Euclid, the police officer. Um, cover lives in Cleveland Heights was behind the wheel despite having a suspended driver's license and a vehicle with expired plates. So I want a misguided effort. To avoid the citation. Called the fake 911 call of a male being shot. On the street not far away. Police didn't fall for it. And in fact courses caller ID on the phones, so they know it came from him. Um, the dispatcher was able to ping the caller, The 911. Back to this guy. The phone number is 911 caller matched The male that was there for the traffic stops, and then he's arrested. Of course, he's still charged with the two traffic violations on top of this multiple traffic violations. And arrested for false alarm. To be arraigned tomorrow. See where that goes, So it doesn't work for the record the headline and this is asinine Ohioan Infonie 911 call. As in in Ohio, and that's who did that. All right. Stand by. We'll check markets Next. Joan Doniger is in today. Call Anderson automatic heating coin. 513574 triple 05. This report is Service of Western and Southern financial Group. Translate your future into.

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