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With the moon of the sky was so out there Jones on a first and ten play fake and take a deep shot down the right side for tate who makes the when all else failed just call your number and go with the quarterback sneak has been working for Malaya he just took to twitter now he wants to lead the League in rushing touchdowns be so earlier we focused on the Patriots let's turn the attention to the giants how are you feeling about this performance of your in that locker room listen you don't want as a play you don't ever want to save more victories but considering the giants had to work at the work with going into foxborough with the rookie quarterback against Bill Belichick how would it actually feel okay knowing the okay saquon no saquon Barkley no every single sterling shepard like they had Plethora guys down and that game was close in the fourth quarter as it was asked you know if I'm if I'm the giants I'm thinking to myself okay we did okay circumstances why did you learn there are those that say that ninety percent of the game is played between the ears for quarterbacks and think about Daniel Jones last night first of all the confidence is built by becoming the only Iraq was a touchdown pass against the Patriots so far this season think about the looks he saw last night it wasn't necessarily the kitchen sink from the Patriots but the face a bill belichick defenses to face perhaps it's tough task is you'll see just for me looks scheme diversity the variety of package you'll see on defense how deep the Patriots there's a lot to be learned from the mental side Lice Particular Jones and get Damian's points surly a moral victory but there is some growth to be had from last night's defeat Adam do you agree with that some encouraging moments at least for the giants choosy felt like they were in the game for most of the game I know that it's amazing the Patriots Win by twenty one and people think they see the score and looks like a blow out a one sided but it wasn't the giants legitimately were in that game I had a chance to do the unthinkable and they had a chance to do the unthinkable without these key parts are moving forward saquon Barkley probably going to be back the next game I don't know that Sterling Shepherd will I think have an England Ruby wing Goldman might be so they're going to be getting reinforcements here and this is a team that Dangle Jones released brooks life and energy to to where people can watch them and think is team feels like it's on its way didn't feel that way earlier in the year but it certainly does right now watching them and I thought they gave the Patriots last night about all new one could handle at home that's not a spot that row teams usually accelerate and for a little while they're looking for the giants that are legitimate chance to win that game and the giants get to rest up a little bit the cardinals so looking up as the Friday edition of NFL live rolls on. It's our Sunday showcase Texans at chiefs featuring two of the games youngest and most dynamic quarterbacks few quarterbacks have started their careers better than the two meeting at Arrowhead on Sunday Patrick Mahomes and on Watson each rank in the top five for most passing touchdown through players I thirty games and neither them and even played thirty yet watson the twenty create more homes is only at twenty two this huge matchup deserves our Sunday or Sunday showcase we'll break it down by position and do it in sort of a take your pick style remember this is not about a career it's just about this game but is kind of cool that it's the first time these two quarterbacks are going head to head so let's start with Damian the quarterback so you're gonNA take care you made you made a key point now career but just this game I'm GonNa go with the Shawn Watson this unwanted injury Hopkins will follow I think his weapons give up it gives them a little bit of an edge in this one man that's crazy it's crazy to think that the sean Sunday I should say if for some reason is unable to go on Sunday I'm willing to donate my ankle the Patrick's that can play in this there is no real threat of him missing the.

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