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To the ballpark or so they thought and that roger craig went into his wind up with a runner at third base for the cardinals and dropped the ball and that is how the first run ever was scored against the mets was on a book but in your book it begins with their first win after those nine losses yeah absolutely and i i had the pleasure to speak with jay hawk who was the winning pitcher that day an absolute gentleman i'm sure you're spoken to jay in the past and and you know one of the things jay pointed out was although you know we look back at the sixty two mets as you know a group of of lovable losers and and you know just a lovable bunch of guys that the players on that team we're not laughing about that start and they they took especially someone you know they had a lot of veterans on that team and of course casey stangl who was their manager so it was it was really more than a small relief when they finally got that win and game ten this is thirty one short stories for the uninitiated brett tell us why thirty one sure so actually have a line early in the book that says if you don't know why i did thirty one stories you just stop reading and then i had some really big met fans who are friends of mine say i don't understand so then i realized i probably shouldn't have put that line in the book but obviously thirty one is mike piazza's uniform number is one of four numbers retired by the mets on one of only two players retired tied by the mets and piazza was always somebody who i i love to watch play i thought he personified what it was to be a met during his tenure and i wanted to pay a little amish to him by by doing the thirty one chapters and you talk about his trade in your book i do that i have that as one of the the moments because i think that was really the tipping point that really you know in ninety eight and then remember after the trade mets fans we're not sold on it took took a little while for for people to warm up the pr that seems incredible to remember now but yet the.

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