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Three things. I think you need to know. You see this story even talked about it Nancy Pelosi. You wanna talk about keeping it classy? This is what happens if Democrats win. If you choose to not vote for Mick Sally because you just don't like her, and I get it. But you gotta vote for because if cinema gets in there, we're in trouble. And when it comes to the house, we gotta gotta keep the house. Nancy Pelosi was at Harvard boy, she called the the the wall ready for this. She called the wall the worst way to protect the border the worst way to protect the border. By the way, she is a bowl of expertise. Let's put it that way. Maybe we can find the sound bite. She actually said. She actually said one of the best ways to protect the border is to cut the grass. Remember that? Do you remember that? Yes. I do. We gotta find that. One literally cutting the grass could be a great way because then you could see people, and I mean, she actually said that mowing the grass is a great way. But a wall is stupid. Wall is dumb, cutting the grass is smarts. We'll get that sound bite Ryan's on the hunt. We have so many Polisi soundbites. They're all classic. They all they all are good. They all are good five white guys. Yup. We have it all not the burger place. Right. But she tried to make that joke, which is which is even better. So anyway. She said, she also said the only reason maybe one of the reason Trump wants the border border is his manhood. She literally said that. It happens to be like a manhood issue for the president building a wall. And I'm not interested in that said during a discussion Harvard Kennedy School of institute politics us Arbor Kennedy School in politics. It's a manhood issue manhood. Yeah. There you go. This is Nancy Pelosi on border security. Here we go. But again, let's sit down and talk this through.

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