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Here on the fan. We. Man, Brazil from the New York Post a live in studio. Getting ready for what this bracket is gonna look like Zach Duke, the number one overall one seed Virginia, I think a walk. You don't think is a lock to get a one c I do. I think everywhere you look you see one win over Duke is going to hold a lot of weight. So you think there's a legitimate chance. We could see on the two on comes on that. I mean, I think when it's all said and done they'll probably will you want. I don't think they deserve four think about this. Therefore quad one wins. Therefore, it's not just that they're Ford three. They basically a five hundred record against good teams and go look go look at what some of these other teams Michigan state. They look at what Carolina did they haven't played. They haven't played a good team since December. I I don't think it's fair. I think they should be a two seat. You're gonna have Gonzaga on the two on Tennessee. You take. Applying for one seat Sunday against Auburn. You think if they win Sunday against the Auburn war eagle they on that one line. Yeah. And if if I was doing it, I have Tennessee is a one and take the three ACC teams. Okay. All right. Let's get to how many teams win a national championship this year. I would put Duke on Alice. Dan me the favorites. I would put on that list. I put Carolina on that list. I put Virginia on that list. I would put Kentucky on that list. And that's probably what I'm stopping. I do not think Tennessee's winning a title. I do not think Michigan or Michigan state. They is winning a title. I'll put it at five over on the five teams this year who can win a national championship include Michigan state. There are you? Are you think Michigan centers enough talent this year to win the title? Yeah. Do especially down awards back a Winstons terrific. You know, they're they're not quite as talented. We're last, but they're clearly a much better team is always been known to work magic in March. I yeah, I think they can win at all. Okay, virginia. They're team. I've been very critical of I know you've been critical of Tony Benn in the past. But we have knowledge in the regular season the guy dominates he dominates. The there are a one or two or three seed it seems like year after year after year Zach is this finally going to be the year where Tony Bennett goes on a deep tournament run in these planning in the final four. I think they're getting through the first weekend. We got to see what the. Doc right at the sixteenth see last year. I would sure hope that Virginia's gonna make it out of that first week, and they're not taking bows, by the way, if they get through a sixteen and they beat eight or not it's like what they do. That's what he's supposed to do. Once. I was this point you you've lost. Vermont's it out of love to see the rematch that could have been ugly, and I would have hammered Virginia. And again, I'm gonna probably be all over Virginia. No matter who they play in that first game because you'd have to think they're going to take it out on that sixteen seat. Right. You'd have to. Yeah. I mean, but they're also they're going to face so much pressure in this not not. I mean, not just the first game. But throughout it got to get to a final four. I mean, they're gonna lose hunter. You know, the probably get Drome in Jerome will probably come back. But he could go pro. I mean, they're going to lose some pieces off this team. They would probably won't be quite as good next year. At some point as a one you got to get to a final four is this the best team Bennett has had it Virginia. I think he's had some pretty good some good teams. I mean, I feel like we always say this every year with them. You know is this the best team? He's had it and they choke in March. We'll find out if it's the best here. Okay. Duke getting back makes a world of difference. Duke is going to be a prohibitive favorite in this tournament. They should be they have this generational talent. And Zion Davol j Barrett who played terribly against North Carolina. But he's an offensive machine. He's going to be a top three pick and a draft. You have cameras you have Jones Zac if I gave you Duke against the field. And I'm getting Duke, basically, one fifty two hundred who would you take right now Duke of the field. I think I would take to if you're gonna tell me they're healthy, I picking against violence and you see him on Friday night against Carolina get ready for the gardens. So I also I sure hope so, and we I guess can put to bed the idea that RJ Barrett. Could dare I say a quick silence. And what the first pick in the draft after watching them on Friday night. You tell me you'd rather have all Jay baron on your team. I mean what games? Do you watch that kind of goes back to to the funny thing? People think with this new rule with the G league guys who do that? If Zaire Williamson didn't have Duke. He would not be the first pick in the draft. You're right about that. You know, he's he's really benefited from national TV from the Duke brand. Look is her is tremendous player. You might be a transcended player. He might be an amazing MBA player, but becomes this year? We didn't really know what to expect them. We thought he was probably a top five pick. But nobody knew he is this exposure he's guide. As done wonders for him. Another thing all the people who said he should shut it down. Barrington tech. Did did you did did everyone? See this kid after they won today. I mean the smiling face. He's obviously loves college. Obviously loves what he's what he's doing right now. And all the I didn't hear any of these people after what he did these last three days now nowhere to be found. I didn't see on Twitter over the weekend. You know should be sitting at home right now. Eat McDonald's getting ready for the NBA draft. You didn't see anything else tweets? He seems to be having fun. And as he should be because guess what he has a chance now to be an icon to be a legend that is remembered forever on that campus and to medium mazing thing about Zion Zack. You know, how do can be this polarizing program where their stores in the past have been Sohaib over the years. Whether it's shade daddy. Whether it's JJ Radic grace and Allen. I mean, there are so many guys over the years where you would look at them and it was like Mickey sixty stomach Zion. I think even if you're the biggest do cater on the planet. You gotta watch that kid play you it, the charisma the swagger way goes about it. I mean, he's very likable. That's all there is to He he's got a little Aaron judge to him. You know, it's hard to hate Aaron judge, even if you hate the keys. I don't know anyone who who who doesn't like the kid. I mean, if you watch and how you not just in all and amazed that just the things he does on the court. I mean, he's he's must see TV when he plays. You know, it Twitter's EV everything zayante I mean, hit big in the ornament is great for the sport. Totally agree. Okay. Dukes to favorite to win this. Then who in your opinion would be the toughest matchup for them at some point down the line. I look at one team specifically North Carolina because North Carolina's beating them twice north. Carolina knows him very well. North Carolina has an electrifying point guard now beat them. So you can make that argument to of Kazakh has to that they could be the team. But I just think that knowledge that insider info of playing a team twice a year with this potentially being the fourth match up of the year, and these games the tight, they always seem to be tight with Duke and Carolina duty Caroline. China would be dukes biggest threaten winning and Asha championship. Is that factor fiction? Yeah. I think they're right there. I mean, I think saag is as well. I mean, you need to me. Good bigs just because you've gotta deal with Zion. And obviously those teams both both have that. I think Michigan state to you know, with how well while coach they are with the size. They have you know with the point guard play. I think machines they could give them problems as well. But they're they're look if they're full full strength early a few teams that really could give them a game. I think well what I love about Michigan state. This year is their back onto the radar to me. That's where Tom Izzo is that his best. And I know this the team that's probably going to be a two or three seed. But you know, there's not a lot of people are talking about Michigan state when you mentioned national championship contenders. Maybe it's because of what has happened the last couple of years in a tournament last year behind running circles around Tommy is losing a middle. Tennessee state. Do you think that fact act that Michigan state's had a couple of these underwhelming tournament performances kind of hurting them as far as what people think about them nationwide going into this year's dance? Yeah. I mean, they have had a few bad losses. I think that's part of it. They're not. They don't throw all these NBA guys actually like they have in the past. That's part of it too. The big ten is such a good conference. So they drop some games. Yeah. I mean, I think that's part of it. I I think they got a real shot. I'm not I probably won't pick them. But I got a real shot to get to the final four a couple of calls before we get to who's in. And who's out? We got that Brazil for about another twenty five minutes right here on the fan. Getting you ready for selection Sunday. I said the queen's Joe is Joe was that Iraq. Could I run a few questions quick? Yes. Thompson on Syracuse transfer. Ron Seton Hall had I think nine points against Kentucky. He's not getting off the bench. I'm not sure why or what's going on. And then what Saint John's Mickey Dixon left idea. You know, I didn't hear the scuttle butters to wire wary white, and I'm wondering if that and I just wanted to know about any of the recruits that Saint John's dig at the juke os or the transfers have you heard anything about them? Good or bad. I figure. Take it from there. Zac, whatever you want. Showman. We'll start with Taurean Thomson. Yes. He did have doesn't play defense, by the way. He he was good against Kentucky in that game. But yeah, other guys have surpassed in. I mean, if you're not gonna play defense Willard's not gonna play you. It's pretty simple, and I can tell you watching, Tori, and Thomson. He does not like a defense that is not Jimmy. He's got other guys that have have passed him. And I mean few people ask that actually actually asked me about him today on Twitter, and I you know. I mean. Yeah, he's been a disappointment..

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